18 Minutes of Splinterlands Updates, Predictions and Strategies Featuring NealMcSpadden!

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In this clip from the AMA, Neal gives us a massive update on all things Splinterlands. I was one who invested in a ton of Chaos Legion packs at presale bulk prices. The value of those packs is down about 50% but the rest of the market is down quite a lot as well.

We're now at less than 25% of Chaos Legion packs available with 25,000 packs being burned every day. Most people seem to think they'll be all gone by Feb/March. I'd be really happy with that and the sooner the better!

Neal also clues us in on all of the following:

  • Governance system live = team proposing a lot of changes to mechanics
  • List of changes available for gov
  • Market cool down, current pack sale taking longer than expected (10M/15M)
  • Main proposal: 25k pack burn/day = increase scarcity so the next edition coming out in the summer has no prev edition availability
  • Stake to participate
  • More details from Neal about proposals, not worth to include in post but to leave a cliffhanger
  • Diversification, some open packs and rent cards, some hold unopened packs
  • Tower defense game developed from another team - collab between SPL and Tower defense
  • Genesis League Sports development - sibling project with shared team members - MLS partnership
  • GLS can mean an important onboarding tools for hive
  • GLS aidrop from SPS holders
  • Meaning of new games for RC scarcity
  • RUNI mention - profile picture project on ethereum - Card that you can play on SPL but it is also an NFT project

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