LeoFinance NFT Brainstorming Session


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LeoFinance NFTs have been talked about by the community for a very long time.

As a team, we've been slightly resistant to the NFT craze. We don't like that all of these various projects simply launch NFT collection/edition after NFT edition after NFT edition. It's simply become a fundraising mechanism for them to endlessly put money in their own pockets.

That being said, we do see a place for NFTs. There are different ways to deploy NFTs that make them less so about "getting rich" and more so about enhancing the User Experience. Making the experience rich as opposed to making a few people financially rich at the expense of the broader userbase.

In this brainstorming session, we talk about a lot of different ideas from this perspective:

  • What does 2023 on LF hold regarding NFTs?
  • The real value is in their social currency
  • No market, no speculation, only social use case focus
  • Idea of power levels or benefits of holding/minting NFTs?
  • Adidas NFT example and real life airdrops
  • Engage2mint, not pay2win?
  • Mint for social status / higher level on Leo?
  • No funding through NFTs, maybe even never selling NFTs on LF
  • NFT wallet separate from token wallet
  • Soulbound NFTs - like badges?
  • Memberships, rights, access - the use cases are limitless in a web3 ecosystem
  • Discovery phase, then experiment phase, then adoption phase
  • We’re still early, after the NFT boom now comes the real era of NFTs with real use cases
  • Ease of access with Leo. If you know how to use LF you can buy NFTs outside of DeFi
  • One full vote when burning an NFT?
  • Your threads can look shiny if you hold an NFT?
  • Your posts can go to the top if you hold an NFT?
  • Social status
  • Featured threads or posts if you hold an NFT?
  • Tons of ideas, community feedback needed!

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brainstorming is an excellent strategy in administration and Human Resources, congratulations khaleel and the entire team at leofinance, some of these ideas will definitely motivate people to have more and more Leo tokens and specific nfts


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