How to Find Crypto Alpha in the Middle of a Bear Market

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In this clip from the Chain Chatter weekly podcast, we talk about how we find Crypto Alpha in the middle of a bear market.

Finding great trades to make has always been a cornerstone in my broader investment strategy.

Going back to the early days of LeoFinance, this was many of the reasons why we started this entire journey: to create a hub for learning about crypto. Investing in crypto and sharing ideas and thought-provoking trades on a great platform.

Seeking Alpha is the Web2 version of this. A gathering place where people come together to talk about stocks and investing and seeking alpha.

In this clip:

  • Podcasts and articles over short form, whitepapers are a good place for projects to dress up
  • Dig through the activity of the team in terms of activity and frequency
  • How coordinated does a team look, how much a community is involved
  • Projects that endure the bears and are not fragile are a good investment - Rune example
  • Joab: Social engagement, get close to the overall community
  • First to market as a game on tezos - finding first to market projects is golden
  • Alpha chat groups are always dubious
  • Adrian: Staying in the sidelines, watching the activity, find your entry point
  • Find the potential for adoption in projects - biggest decision driver
  • Community trumps technology - it’s all about real world adoption
  • Partnerships with web2 companies are key for projects

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Adrian was trading 1000 BTC for $300 OTC in 2011! dude, that's crazy! 😄 OG.

I've been so diehard on everything happening on the HIVE blockchain this year that I haven't looked at Thorchain much. Maybe I should take a look.


To some people have been blinded by my love for hive and I don’t see any project apart from hive now. It is difficult to invest in another project when I have a lot to do on hive.

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