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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Completed unstake of 21870.175 CTP
Transferred 81.929 CTP to khazrakh
Started unstake of 21870.175 CTP
Curation reward: 1.117 CTP for bradleyarrow/bmr-for-18th-aug-2021-bitcoincrypto-pull-back-in-the-last-24
Curation reward: 1.115 CTP for guurry123/luke-i-alive-102-chasing
Curation reward: 1.136 CTP for harpreetjanda/foodies-bee-hive-weekly-stat-report-july-31-2021-to-aug-06-2021
Curation reward: 1.112 CTP for russellstockley/i-accept-the-challenge
Curation reward: 1.097 CTP for elianaicgomes/content-inc-best-takeaways-starting-the-journey
Curation reward: 1.109 CTP for slackerman/whyiusetextadsandbannersonadvertisingsites-q0dx950donnn83rgz741
Curation reward: 1.097 CTP for alokkumar121/5g-going-to-make-download-speed-10x-faster
Curation reward: 1.101 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-printed-new-custom-nft--goals-and-progress-updates
Curation reward: 1.109 CTP for guurry123/rising-star-a-basic-tutorial-for-new-comers
Curation reward: 1.097 CTP for hirohurl/my-plan-for-the-ctp-30-day-content-challenge-revealed
Curation reward: 1.112 CTP for jacoalberts/believe-it-or-not-but-you-create-your-own-world-with-real-life-examples
Curation reward: 1.075 CTP for achim03/amuhkjlr
Curation reward: 1.085 CTP for russellstockley/wfkvgxnf
Curation reward: 1.075 CTP for guurry123/luke-i-alive-101-chasing
Curation reward: 1.08 CTP for maddogmike/out-with-the-old-season-in-with-the-new-season-splinterlands
Curation reward: 1.088 CTP for russellstockley/perception-determines-interpretation
Curation reward: 1.098 CTP for pixiepost/xkkumqyy
Curation reward: 1.105 CTP for rezoanulvibes/uqgirtbs
Curation reward: 1.095 CTP for alokkumar121/ola-launched-2-revolutionary-electric-scooters-in-india
Curation reward: 1.111 CTP for imfarhad/lets-play-you-hide-i-will-find-you
Curation reward: 1.073 CTP for slackerman/tornado-traffic-weekly-news-volume98
Curation reward: 1.09 CTP for liotes/bxrfsrgw
Curation reward: 1.083 CTP for bradleyarrow/bmr-for-16th-aug-2021-ctp-talk-giving-away-money
Curation reward: 1.09 CTP for harpreetjanda/splinterlands-weekly-july-31-2021-to-aug-06-2021-stat-report
Curation reward: 1.099 CTP for russellstockley/zqxwwzco
Curation reward: 1.084 CTP for guurry123/luke-i-alive-100-chasing
Curation reward: 1.075 CTP for russellstockley/showing-gratitude-for-the-unseen
Curation reward: 1.092 CTP for jeanlucsr/gmbneuew
Curation reward: 1.08 CTP for blainjones/1000giveaway-kud4wbi9r922ebj9hyug
Curation reward: 1.07 CTP for imfarhad/rising-star-new-card-opening--goals-and-progress-update
Curation reward: 1.075 CTP for alokkumar121/jio-phone-next-launching-on-10-sep
Curation reward: 1.213 CTP for ctpsb/nozdbaxy
Curation reward: 1.085 CTP for taskmaster4450/what-is-the-metaverse-and-how-can-we-prepare
Curation reward: 1.224 CTP for hirohurl/5-habits-and-a-good-walk-around-my-part-of-hiroshima-after-the-rain
Curation reward: 1.114 CTP for lbi-token/bitcoin-or-banks-the-battle
Curation reward: 1.238 CTP for harpreetjanda/i-am-alive-challenge-weekly-july-31-2021-to-aug-06-2021-stat-report
Curation reward: 1.265 CTP for russellstockley/djupznhw
Curation reward: 1.196 CTP for trumpman/new-mystery-exchange-for-travala-coming-up-next-week
Curation reward: 1.235 CTP for invest4free/2021-investment-goals-progress-report-qxvb89
Curation reward: 1.125 CTP for jongolson/myhivegoals-changing-things-up
Curation reward: 1.226 CTP for jeanlucsr/bbtrqglb
Curation reward: 1.241 CTP for elianaicgomes/ivudyhwm
Curation reward: 1.156 CTP for taskmaster4450le/paraphrasing-is-it-plargiarism
Curation reward: 1.171 CTP for lbi-token/lbi-earnings-and-holding-report-34
Curation reward: 1.207 CTP for maddogmike/update-in-my-adventure-in-the-rising-star-game
Curation reward: 1.231 CTP for r1s2g3/splinterlands-is-renting-become-more-profitable-then-playing
Curation reward: 1.206 CTP for harpreetjanda/luke-is-alive-weekly-stat-f062a7eb2af94
Curation reward: 1.227 CTP for imfarhad/weekend-post
Curation reward: 1.208 CTP for harpreetjanda/naturalmedicine-weekly-july-31-2021-to-aug-06-2021-stat-report
Curation reward: 1.215 CTP for harpreetjanda/rising-star-game-card-opening-and-current-status
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