The Crypto World- Is it still the blooming time?


Aren't we all just waiting for that moment to bloom or when it blooms? The subject is the same, crypto, but the perspective is different. As we step into this world, we are very much aware of what we step into. For some of us, it risks our life, while for others it doesn't. For some of us, it is an opportunity while for some of us it is a privilege. While it differs from person to person, we all are somewhat benefiting from the system.



The system as a whole can be beneficial to one or not. It can be a scope for blooming while for others they are waiting for the system to bloom. Here, by bloom, I am inferring to the blooming of Hive coins. What is it about that we are so hyped about its bloom?

For the ones who aren't yet aware of the voices, crypto is moving towards a future that calls forth innovation and creativity. It is willing to change the old market while making a new one out of this scratch. While we assume the ruckus and are starring in waiting for the emergence, many other crypto coins jump in too.

In my earlier post, I was hinting at being constant and moving, while it is very interesting that each day our world isn't expanding much but our population is. Again, this is a debatable topic. Will not get tempted by the Chaos League? Will you still not want to play Splinterlands?

Many would nod and walk off saying yes, I won't choose to because this life is temporary. However, while this person is so confident of it, the other is not leaving any opportunity behind in investing in the crypto world, waiting for it to bloom.

We all are waiting for the blooming time. The time when Hive token will finally rise and create some change in most of our lives, while there are among us who aren't waiting for the blooming time of Hive but their self blooming time. For which one are you waiting for?

Our eager minds always scatter to want to know more than what is visible. That is both good and bad. It has both advantage and disadvantages. I hope you are not the one waiting in denial while being oblivion to what is happening around you. The foolish is he/she, who lets their guard down. I have been foolish too in my life, only through mistakes do you end up learning. I am still learning...

The waiting time will end soon, but have patience until then.

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