The Crypto World- Positivity attracts positivity


It is precisely known that opposites attract but is it always the scenario, it is arguable. When you start to learn about a thing you will realize the universe will start to bring out those issues in front of you and this is science, this is more like your senses. Your senses are more aware of what they hear and store, what they hear and throw. It is all that is chosen by our conscious and subconscious minds, I would like to imply.

What has all this to do with crypto?

If we grow our interest in crypto, will it be attracted to us too? Will we be hearing updated news more?



Now, all those answers are completely calculative, without data it can't be declared. So, what I can do is share a very interesting issue with you all. It is quite the story of how I came into Hive.

So, I have been sitting around with my dearest friend while I was sharing my interest in the growing crypto market while sharing my interest he asked for some information and I was unable to answer them all. Back then I was not aware of Hive. A few days later I met him again and we were fully conversing about crypto, its growth, NFT, and their impact on our economic growth and more of the same sort of conversation but with information.

Interestingly, after a month or two when I was introduced to this blockchain I was more aware of what is happening around and then I met a few of my other close friends who were also interested in the crypto world but from a very long time ago, only that I discovered it later.

At the end of the day, it was about how anything related to crypto is more sensitive to my ears as I have a close connection with it. Now, about the update, I am too late this time. There have been already too many posts regarding the APR and I don't want to bore you all with it. So let me see what I have in stock for you all.

It is in the air for a while now and everybody is talking about it but no one is mentioning it particularly. So, I thought to address it, finally. Yes, we are about to face a drastic change in this market but we are very much aware that it is for the betterment of all of us. But, we all are aware that with all positive news, negative news arrives too. Also, if something is positive to me, it will not always be the same for you.

Government involvement is going to be a factual problem or solution for many. While handling projects will be a tougher job. Interestingly, adding new platforms under government organizations is going to be fairly easy and more productive and profitable for those who will be able to make themselves involved.

The price of HIVE is going to increase as the rumors connect. Furthermore, the fluctuation in HBD value is a huge question but we are hoping for the best. HBD has a chance to befall but if the system is optimized properly HIVE will increase while HBD will increase too. However, more other tokens are in the market and are rising steadily. Their market value will increase too and will be more effective.

The NFT world will emerge more along with the chance of growing. Each individual will be able to benefit from all the changes if each of us is more aware and are in control of what is happening around us. Involving more dear ones in the blockchain will increase the chance for the blockchain to grow much bigger. The bigger the space, the more people it can accommodate. The more conscious each of us HIVEians is supposed to be. Even our responsibilities will be multiplied.

The more positivity will attract you if you stick to it. If you are aware make others aware. Positivity will always attract positivity. It is unlike the poles yet close to it.

Thank you -
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