The Crypto World- Sticking to all while sticking to none


Sticking to all while sticking to none, is not a pleasant title I believe. The interesting factor lies beneath it. As suddenly the Hive rate has decreased there are all sorts of legit posts relating to the sudden fall and if I am here talking about the fall, I suppose, I am quite late in the run. So, I am not here to be a latecomer, intentionally, instead, I have an interesting question for discussion.

If Hive token persistently falls and settles, are you willing to move away to other coins, or are you already investing in another peeking at Hive rate?



There are many predictions all over the place already regarding the rise of Hive token soon. However, for once, for the sake of argument if you take that Hive will see a downfall, how are we planning to deal with it?

I am no expert in this case but I like to imagine what the turn of events will be like. So, Hive falls and in contrast, some other coin grows. We are much likely to move to another while keeping in touch with Hive, right? Or, many of us will move away completely from Hive and will try to settle in another.

The interesting play is here, personally from my observation solely, we all are pretty much aware that all this is a temporary investment, right? Wrong. This is not a temporary investment. Suddenly one morning we won't wake up being alarmed that the blockchain is SHUTDOWN. Instead, the opposite is much more likely to happen.

There are many premonitions out here, but we all are much aware that if one shuts even if anyone is being benefitted it is not going to be for the long run. To reap the benefits from here, you would need to stick through in and throughout. Which means you need to grow and be persistent at it.

Yes, it is a one-way route only if you believe it to be. Now, many of us are taking benefit from Hive token and other tokens, every day. The longer you are here, the more time you have invested in this blockchain. Some may believe that this is my time to leave and I am all packed, but here is the twist, once you leave you no more benefit yourself, you are at a pause. So, why will you do that?

What I have understood from my financial restrains is not to just continue but to continue to not stop unless I am dead that is. The story is not only about you, after all, it is about so many things, so many subjects too hard to draw but easier to acknowledge. If Hive token puts a frown on your forehead, know where to invest properly while not leaving everything and focusing on only one.

There was a time when the theory of sticking to one focus was the primary goal, however, the world has changed, and now the more multitasked you are the more privileges you will be able to gain and productively use. Also, our aim is much bigger than limited. The more you learn, the more you earn, the more you are able to help. Therefore, even though you are giving, you are gaining, even though you are learning, you are earning.

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