The Crypto World- The Ultimate puzzle


Financial stability is one of the major crises in countries like ours. At the same moment, the level of opportunities is not as timid as in other countries, all you need to be is educated or being clever. It is like playing a puzzle game, the one who wins the match is the one who plays with strategy, not the one who plays blindly. Being able to know how to utilize and keenly be a player is not possible for many and here is where the game starts.



We all look for shortcuts but eventually how many of us are able to pull off and win through it all. There are people among us who overlook while giving their best efforts yet losing time. The sense of loss, is something that cannot be implanted in a being, it must come from realization. Every step that we take, one must be aware of the consequences and must also study the many ways to utilize our present standards to develop it in growing time.

The one who walks is moving, the one who sits is losing.

Such has always been my strategy but recently I am losing more than moving. Sometimes we lose with choice and sometimes we lose with lack of awareness. Now it is up to you if you choose to lose with choice or be ignorant.

Knowledge is the key, it was the key and it will always be. As the crypto industry is enlarging, knowing the techniques and stats is the basics. Learning to develop and utilize the strategies is what will keep you in the game for the long run. If you stay seated, don't think you will be able to move forward.

The words mentioned in this post of mine are repeated in one way or another in my other posts published here. The important phrases are always repeated, but the one to grasp is you, and no one else.

Moving to the stats!
As predicted in my previous posts and by others too we could observe the rise in HIVE. The community is growing too. The more the players the more the community grows but if one is being selfish the whole community will fall on a brink of an eye.

The value of HIVE is back to a good amount, so wake up players it is time to keep your eyes open for more updates! One of my best friends often remarks saying, even when you are asleep stay awake, I am always dead that is why I cannot rise. It is lately that I do realize what she means. Some people have the ability to stay be aware and utilize that chance while others do not even have the option to utilize any chance because they are given no options.

Add value..
When you know the power of money and you are giving value to it, you will no more be nagged, pulled, or pushed to invest time in it. You will eventually work hard, penny by penny, to make the living you yearn for. Which may not always be luxury but something more than that.

Rising alone may be pleasing for you, but rising with a guild is more peaceful. It is only a matter of time before you realize it. Before you lose your chance, know where to invest your time, your money, and your efforts.

Keep learning, keep growing!

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