A Message To My Hive Family.



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I’ve had this in mind for a long time, to sort of bring this to light… a lot of us have a misconception on what endurance and perseverance means or entails… we feel there’s something anonymous about it and we choose not to dwell on things that will help us along the way due to one thing or the other and out of doubts in our power and capabilities.. These are just the few listed things that could help you, on every journey you’ve embarked on or what you’re about to do presently..

Don't Take It Personal,

one of the biggest mistake that I have made on this journey.. I feel it should perfect always, but there people that you can't stop seeing but I do blame it on school or work and its the more reason we see this differently and a lot of us see our views drop, in this past few months there where a lot of articles that felt undervalued over but your calling cards matters a lot, for me my calling card is impact and connection I don't strive to make the best write up but rather the most impactful write ups, I want to make that to change people's life completely. However you choose to produce anything, there's a special side of you and that results with how growth your is, it's like a special effect and so is anything we do outside these walls.

Keep Moving Forward,

Because you can't do anything else, what good can be done when you monitor everything you do to the point of affecting your health.. what if everything you see is acted upon your perception, you have to change your mindset. If you look a full glass of water in a cup as not being full but half ful it becomes that at the end of the day. What you have to do is learn to transcend that, by changing our perception to everything that has happened in the past or happening presently..

Seek Help When You Need It..

Have you limited your spot light and it doesn't feel normal anymore, it will definitely be to our benefit to start seeking external help. If you feel you need to get into contact to anyone please do and go for it.. you have to stay in the right mindset and with people who will want the best for you, this will always help you to have an optimistic approach..

Learn To Fall In Love With The Creative Process,

If you do that you can live with the result, because you have so much fun and excitement from expressing your self and as well being free. Not everything in life is meant to go your way but I won't stop saying this, your happiness counts and what matter is that you're enjoying your self. Some ideas may not blow up now, you may not see your best suited job come to light or every other thing attached but in some few months or years that thing that you never neglected and understood what entails could be the next big thing.

Build Your Work Favorable To The Algorithm,

Understand that the algorithm follows the people, the people follow the content so if you're following the algorithm you are basically chasing your own tail and you can never catch it.. so please feel positivity cuz that's the best to pass through with this stage. Make sure you allow the algorithm or the recognition or any other thing as it will come on it's own and we have to be very aware of this..

Let The Blessings Come In Its Divine Timing

Please be patient in all this.. you will realize that you can go somewhere greater to what you have on the table as long as you devote time and patience to it..

Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me for all my readers here.. God bless you.

This is KingGozie, a crypto enthusiast and always ready to take on every opportunity coming my way.. I’m sure you will have a good experience with this..

January 16th, 2022