“Fight For Your Children When It’s Deserving”


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I tried so hard to be fluid, so I want to remind you that a lot of us here are parents and a lot of us will become parents if you’re a parent and I want to bring this to your notice to fight for your child… and what I mean by that is you have to make sure you go up to the school where they are at, meet the teachers and whoever looks after them and let them know that you are raising your child to be great and you expect excellent from him or her coz you are there for almost 8 hours daily and if you can’t do that please let me know.

The kids today go through a lot, you need to also keep them in check … not too over protective but let them know that you are watching everything they do even though you don’t do it… check their homework, if there’s anything that need to be done then help them with it.. You can’t study with your child for 2 hours daily and expect less from him, you’d see them doing so much better in school..

Sometimes it is hard, like deeply hard but there are channels that can help you help them get better, youtube is a good place to learn new ways to approach the problem. Or find someone who does it much more then seek advice from them. It’s your care and if you can’t sacrifice at least $5 -10$ a month for tutorials then you really don’t want them to import. If you work a lot during the day, send them to somewhere they can learn even in your absent, then also allow them in some extra curriculum activities or a sport activity… it helps in the learning process.

Do not overthink it because I know it’s hard, when you’re worried about life, stress, paying the bill, relationship, pain in our body, loosing mothers brothers or sisters these are stresses on parents that it becomes too easy for kids to be left behind. If you see beyond your present idea and consider these little kids as your legacy then you must put efforts to make them great regardless of anything in your past or presently occurring.. If all you focus on is putting food on the table and clothes on their back and you didn’t consider their mental health, spiritual and physical well being then everything you did was for nothing.

You want to compare to your own parents, you’re still average in what the job title states.. Just do the job that needs to be done it doesn’t matter what your mind or what people says.. “Are you really doing what is right and are you to true to who you say you are?”

You have a vision, let it be covered with love. Without this it is hard to take up your children through school, when you start your tuition may look like a scary movie but you will make sure that you send them off to school. I could remember my admission into unilag, there was no money to pay school fees and acceptance fee back then.. but my mom never stopped until I was fully registered, she’s an example of good mothers who still see educating their kids as a top priority.The money came through at the end and I got to know the value of education.

Make sure to engage them in so many things, extra activities to make them feel happy.. studying too much sometimes could be overwhelming, so as they do other things they get even better with the regular school work and assignment.

In conclusion to what I have here, when it comes to the health and safety of our kids, don’t hesitate to do something.. show them love in their hurt and guide them always..

Thank you for reading, I do hope we got the message… For every child we have more responsibility but you must treat them equally..Are you ready for it? Is it becoming too much?” Am I doing what needs to be done? Do not inflict pain on your kids because of what happened in your past… I have a neighbor that rain down curses on her children because of the smallest mistake, And I keep wondering if she’s in her right mind.. These are children who came out of you and you call them names… Unite your homes and be free to approach your kids on the areas they need you most.
I’m grateful to everyone for the warmth welcome yesterday…


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