I Promised The Gozie From 2021 That I Will Not Give Up..


What do I do when I think of giving up?"

Remind myself of how day I've come. This is why I think it's important to track your progress, take pictures or journal or other stuffs like that... I could easily remember how it was few years back, when I look trough my picture album it give me hope that I have one through a lot to quit now. Every successful people go through that, the only difference between successful people and people who settle for mediocrity in life is that the successful people don't give in to that feeling, but everybody gets that feeling.. it's just some people give into it while some others don't. That feeling drives me because the more adversity I go through in life is an opportunity for me to keep getting better.

When you start doubting your self and you're going through a slump I see that as more inspiration because the more the adversity the less likely to be conversant of yourself. Do some thing that get you off your comfort zone daily. It's never easy to move from the level at which you where before to how you are now or want to be later on.. so when you put yourself out there, doing what's right your confidence is boosted and so is every other thing.. you feel more open and free, a time when you don't ever give up on what is right..

"How i drifted from worrying and the truth?"

Just put your self out there to be judged, post a picture that you're scared to post.. wear an outfit that you"re scared to wear and stop asking for people's opinion before you do any thing. Do what you want to do and don't worry about others think about, you must equally put your self out there.. The encouragement you need is right there. Put yourself out there and don't listen to the voice that tries to put you down.. people might judge you but literally by the end of the day, they would have forgotten everything about you.. so if you must see things differently, it must be your own vibe to give everyone the sense towards the vision..

If you have people in your life that are constantly trying to read through your flaws and can't even do the exact things that will keep you going, please don't cotinue with that person.. observe the red flags and if anyone you know, if you may not have known that person and the main idea is to stop you, weigh whatever options you have and don't ever call that friendship so do what is right. There are things coming up, life decisions and life trials to make you question if you are the only one being hit..

Your determination will make you stand out, my 2021 was something I could look back to and just begin to thank God for everything. It may not be a perfect start or a perfect ending as I had wish for it to be, but it taught be a deep lesson for a life time.. I felt suddenly determined, and I made a promise to myself to hold on. But if care was not taken, I could have landed back at the ocean coz right after it became a bit better something else came up. It didn’t consume coz I’m still here and still alive, if I don’t achieve them I the previous year now is the better time and moment.

What where the things you feared from the past that nearly ended your plan or pattern, or maybe it completely spoilt everything right there… How did you make up your mind to come if it and what process?” It’s not easy, everyone will tell you that it’s not possible to be this while you’re still struggling to come out of that.. Gods doing a new thing and I know you and I are already in our over flow…

Thank you for reading and I’m grateful for your presence… take a leap of faith and go back to God with a solid dedication to be free and to keep going..

January 10th, 2022