My Greatest Asset In Life



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Growing up I didn't really have much direction in life and it was all because I wasn't really great in everything, I felt I was still trying to know what my gift was. I was really good at some other things though, but I wasn't exceptional at any one thing and this really messed with my confidence as I got older and older because as you get older here's what happens... You get pressured into deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life, just like trying to make you believe that by the time you're 18, you need to know what you're going to do till you die.

Obviously now I know it's not true but you know at that time I just didn't know better so I have that one thing that I was just really really good at, and like I said it did mess with me. When the time came where I had to decide what I was going to do with my life it sent me into a really dark place.. Just like when you try to pick a career and then you spend hours upon hours trying to pick just one area you feel you're going to be good in.

I'm always like, decide today that i'm going to be an accountant or an engineer and the next day I'll choose to want to be a programmer or a exceptional spike wasn't there and that wasn't me.. my strength turned into my weakness, I was intelligent in school and I know that I could have just gone with any path and be good in them..

At some point I still felt this isn't where I want to be in, the only problem was how I want to work on myself.. that is taking time to get to know me better. The big question is “what is my greatest asset?" Everyone is meant to have this vision and that keeps a lot of people going in life, but to me I was really scared even though I had the vision I didn't know how to get there.

“What if I have to live within my gift?"

This means literally finding the thing you're gifted naturally and work at that thing, you become great at it. If you become great at what you do, the money and wealth will follow.. You can be a designer, an archeologist or an artiste or a model it still would make the most sense to everyone around you. “What was my gift?" I love to sing and I'm still trying to utilize my gift to create something unique and become my happiest best version.. I've thought of quitting everything to spend more time on myself, but as I grew in months i figured out some other gifts that I have, and I was in tune with them.. Sometimes its hard to share your beliefs if you don't know who you are in the real world..

When you start talking about the things you do that makes you happy, trust me it doesn't stop you'd keep going on and on coz it becomes interesting. My greatest asset is for me to re-define not just everything I am exceptionally good at, but it is me being my true self and its the one thing you should hold on to from all that is written here.. You are way ahead of whatsoever competition, target or impression..

Nobody can be a better version of yourself than you already are... if you've falling into a place you don't like to be in, you shouldn't just stick to one thing.. diversify into the other things that makes you happy. No one says you must solidly stick to one job..

“So a short story about my friend who loves to bake and had a job with a different description not even close.. and while she was at it, the first few weeks felt like hell. You could tell from whenever we spoke that she wasn't happy at the end of the day.. So few weeks back, she called me that she established something amazing.. I asked her what it was and she replied saying "I just got a place to be used as a baking store and it is huge?" You will know from her reaction, the exact reason for it. I was so happy that she finally could do that at the same time work somewhere else..”

So I feel it is relative to how you want want to take up on what you can’t do without… every gift you have is a huge asset and you have to realize that really early. My problem was complete confusion, but as I got to witness all other things I fell deeply in love with a list of amazing things.. still in the phase on becoming the best at it, first thing that must be dealt with is our happiness and I hope you do find the special thing in you…

I love you all and thank you for staying with me on this..

January 6th 2022


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