Mass indoctrination day 12 held on 01/08/2023

I learnt that we have the obligation to seek GOD and also to seek him with a pure heart.
I learnt that if we seek GOD with a pure heart we will find him but if we don’t seek in with impurities im our hearts, we will never find him.
I learnt that GOD knows our heart and He is the only one that can judge us not men,men don’t have the role or rights to judge their fellow men.
I learnt that in those days of old,in Rome there was a certain law made to pursue jews out of Rome even Japan had such laws and the reason for those laws was to prevent foreigners in these lands not to marry the natives in those places then and also to prevent foreign religions.
Racism is not what any one should be a part of because we all are created by GOD and GOD our creator also asked us ,all races to seek HIM and we will find HIM because HE close but HE is far to those who do not seek HIM
I learnt that we were once far from GOD and because of the blood JESUS shared on the cross,through that we became close to GOD.
I learnt that we should give importance to the words of our GOD.
I learnt that we have two sides or ways in this world which are listed below
1 good sides or ways
2 bad sides or ways
I learnt that the good must prevail over the evil or bad in this world.
I learnt that when a person is desiring to accept the words and ways of GOD,the devil can use another person to want to hinder such a decision made by the one who is desires to be of GOD.

I learnt that the word seed written in the Bible means the word of GOD
I learnt that there are 4 types of heart and they are way side hearts,stony hearts,thorny hearts and the good ground heart.
Ways side of the hearts are the ones who received the seed(word) but they lost the words to the devil.
I learnt that the seed planted by the way side can not survive because the seeds would be trampled on by passersby.
The stony hearts are the ones who received the seeds(words) and it could not penetrate into their hearts and when temptation comes, they loose the seeds or words.
The thorny hearts are the ones who received the words or seeds but were blinded by the riches of the world and they lost the word. The thorny hearts is always blinded by ambition.
The good ground hearts are the ones who received the words,they nurtured the words and it became fruitful.