Paradigm Blindness and the end to..........? (What are your thoughts?)

Since I was a wee little whippersnapper, I can recall the lofty ideals of our global leaders who have been idolized for their visionary thinking of world peace, the end of planetary hunger, ________ insert your thought—etc. etc. etc.

For a short period on earth in this body incarnate, I have witnessed the above ideals, and every year, as I scroll upon Forbes rich and famous 500, 100, or 50, our world has ceased to change.


What is the world's population? Who owns the most incredible wealth? Who owns the media? Who writes the stories you read? Who creates your reality? What do you listen to? What do you watch? Who do you follow? Why? Why? and Why?

If you follow Greta, who came before her? Jane? And what did these individuals solve? And who came before Greta and Jane?

Paradigm Blindness and TV/social media programming? Research 30 frames per minute. Research social media.

Ask critical thinking questions. What is critical thinking? Do you have it? What is it?

Imagine a world if you could and or would...... What is that in which you create? Or are you a product of what has been created for you?

Do you believe in yourself? What are you? Do you think that you can create your reality?

[An end to the world of ......... I'd appreciate it if you put in your response.]



Keep asking questions... That's the best way to reveal the real truth... ;)

Around 20 years ago, I had one "news portal website", or better said the worst possible gossip portal, but the idea was to get rich on 90% programmed people that are following that stuff... As I had no idea about that topic, I had to check other "news portals" to get content for mine... After scratching the surface, I got to the biggest "news agency" in the country which was the SOURCE for everyone else! RIP research reporters.

So, you don't need to own ALL media in the country, it's enough to own the source...

CHeers! All the best!