What happens when you share your dreams, visions and desires with your family and friends?

If they are adverse to your vision then here is your prescription!

I Dr. Bowyer, PHD in hard knocks, grant you a prescription and permission to love your friends and family who are, “DREAM KILLERS” from afar.

Your prescription is here!.png

For those of you who have experienced network marketing one of the first steps is to contact friends and family.

After that what next?

Did you stop or ask for referrals? And then what happened?

I have some good news for those looking to start a, “Zero Cost To You”, turnkey business in the health and wealth market. I also have a proven 90 day process to get you to $1,000 / month in residual income.

Disclaimer………. As long as you stick with it the entire 90 days and individual results will vary.

Sound familiar? Look at your 401K disclaimer?

401 k.png

We always have a choice in life. Gamble on ourselves or gamble in the stock market.

After September 11, 2001, the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008 and now Covid-19, I am betting on myself!

Call to action: Sound familiar? What have you done?

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