The inversion of masculine vs feminine energies.


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The inversion of masculine vs feminine energies. The I am Alive Challenge and personal growth within the CTP community on what is life and why we continue forthwith upon this planet.

The King watched the movie, “Indiscreet” with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. We must start with the background first, what is leading to the current topic and why does it matter? “The Inversion of masculine vs feminine energies.”

King Neptune’s Queen, loves Cary Grant and Cary Grant movies. Hence, the King has been watching Cary Grant movies in an effort to deepen the bonds of love between the KING and the QUEEN.

The King is lost as a hopeless romantic, however, he is lost? Why? Society says one thing but there is undying programming that is lost upon all of us. What is this undying programming betwixt the sexes?

The King will attempt to tell you that the inversion between the sexes is NOT masculine vs. feminine as currently portrayed in all movie/tv programming past and present but an inversion of the feminine/masculine structure.

What does this mean?

It means that our power derives from the masculine/feminine. When we deny one or the other we lose our power to discern the truth.

In current culture, we see the move to, “BLEND”, the masculine and the feminine into an Aphrodite. In the present culture, we see this as a breakdown between the masculine and the feminine as a blend between the two. In other words a breakdown and/or questioning of the essence into which we were born. A questioning of our sex?

We see men/boys and women/girls changing their sex at a very young age. This change of sexes is being glamorized and encouraged at very young ages. You can see this in what is being perpetuated in our society.

What does this mean?

Why is this important?

Who benefits?

Where did it begin?

When did it start?

The who, what, where, when, and why? We were once taught that this it the “True,” form of journalism. What in the world happened?

What happened to our critical thinking skills?

We have been lost in the emotions through the imagery of the programming.

Black vs. White, feminine vs masculine.

The real battle is not between the sexes but in the imagery of who benefits from the inversion.

The title of the movie says it all, “Indiscreet.”
It could be properly titled, “the inversion.”

By emasculating the masculine and challenging the feminine. Our society is emasculating the masculine and challenging the feminine. To create a division between the sexes programming has created a battle between the sexes.

How do we solve this?

We make everyone gender unspecific. We create an Aphrodite. We create confusion within ourselves and the sexes. We create a unisex.

Who benefits?


This is the breakdown. It is a matter of making everyone equal and denying the power within.

We must realize that our, "being", is operating from both hemispheres. To deny the masculine and/or feminine within ourselves plays into the hands of the PTB that control and manipulate our planet.

When we operate from a left, Masculine and/or right, feminine and/or vice versa, we are operating from a confused state of being.

When we operate from a unisex mode of being we are functioning in a confused state of mind.

The real battle that is being fought is the denial of our masculinity and/or feminine and/or creating a unisex we have lost our power to become the highest version of ourselves.

When you watch, if you watch the movie pay attention to the visual cues of black and white.

You will see and/or the King hopes that you see that when the characters are challenging the norms of their individual masculinity/femininity you will see how they are dressed. Black vs White.

We think this is a battle between the sexes, however, it is a battle of denial. When we become either male and/or female dominant we have lost our power to think rationally. We become a tool for those who desire to control and manipulate us.

The ultimate outcome is for all of us to deny that there is a difference and become unisex and/or question who we are.

This creates confusion. When we are in a state of confusion we cease to think critically and/or rationally. We become caught up in the battle of the sexes and think that either the masculine and/or the feminine must be in control.

The answer is to acknowledge the power of both sides of our being and become a creator vs a battle of confusion and/or becoming null of thought as a unisexual being.

In conclusion, this is an attack upon us acknowledging our power of operating from both sides of our beings, (think left/right hemispheres of our brain) vs an attack upon our culture/religious programming of right vs wrong, male vs female.

When the PTB keep us in confusion we perpetuate their controlling matrix of separating us from our power of acknowledging the masculine and feminine being of ourselves. Which separates us from the power of creating our futures of love, peace, and abundance.

The King encourages your feedback as this is a challenging thought to describe amidst the controlling forces of the matrix and the programming that has existed for millennia.