The very first job


It's more like a custom in my part of the world that whenever someone graduates from school and there's no immediate employment, the person should quickly apply to teach in either a primary or secondary school. This principal didn't just work for me because I disliked teaching, especially on how they're being rated and the stipends given to them as salaries.
This made me go into working as the first office assistant in my church even though the pay was low, at least I bagged enough respect.

I just finished my OND program, and I decided to use the space of one year I.T(Industrial Training) to hunt for money instead undertaking the Industrial Training.

How I got employed

Before that moment, I was a very serious member of the church, serving as an usher, which got me closer to a lot of church records.
An announcement was made that the headquarters has approved a space for an office assistant for our church because it's growing fast and the workload is becoming bulky for the pastor. After the announcement, all eyes were on me to take up the job.
I rejected it because I wasn't qualified at all;

  • I didn't know anything about accounting because the work is more about finance and records, and I was also studying engineering in school.
  • I didn't have any idea about computers then. I was very good with my phone, but the computer system was very far from me. And to make matters worse, the work is more of reports and documentations because we report to other bigger churches via writings and emails.

All these I pointed out, and the pastor said I should calm down and follow his lead.

Work started

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Going to work wasn't new to me because I was doing that before I got employed. The only difference was that I would wake up very early, around 5:00am, take my bathe, and get to church before 6:00am for a 1-hour church service that lasted until 7:00am, and after that, there's no going back home till 6:00pm or 7:00pm.
The very first week, there was no major work aside from going to the bank to deposit money from the previous church service. After returning from the bank, I would stay idle until closing time. If it's day I will not be going to the bank; that's how I will stay idle from morning to night. It was such a lazy man's work.

With time I began to flow very well with the little tasks my boss gives me from time to time.
Then, our bigger boss in the city got attracted to how I handle work, and he began to push most of their work to me even when he has his own office assistant.
Sincerely, I was choked up and got angry, but I couldn't do anything; even my immediate boss could not interfer because of respect to hierarchy. My immediate boss would jokingly say, "Kingsley, go and settle with him and don't drag me into it".

Although I was frustrated, but I mastered all the work because the bigger boss was giving me works that were bigger than me. I was carrying billions of church money to and fro, and many times, I slept with church money in my house. I wonder how the both of them got the mindset to trust me that much.
To make it more interesting, I became more committed to church activities because of the position, and from there, they planned to push me into ministry, which I bluntly refused.

Why I left

The reason I left was simple.
After the one year for I.T. elapsed, I wanted to resign to go back to school, but my two bosses gave me the offer to work from school. I guess my dedication paid off.

I did that, and it worked out well for some months until the two pastors were transferred. I tendered my resignation letter as soon as the new pastor came, but he refused to let go. He said we must continue that way, but I knew from the start that he's not someone who can cope with that.
Just within a month, he got tired, and we called it a quit.


It was from there that I knew that I'm good with financial work. The high level of integrity I displayed to the pastors and the churches at large is still speaking for me today. Integrity pays!

Thanks for reading.

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Nice, sometimes we don't know we're good at something until we give it a try.