RE: Dan Larimer Agrees To Have A Public Conversation. Will Vitalik Accept The Challenge?


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I've already got over half the EVM for HIVE built, currently the part that needs worked on is the transmogrification of the different key types and automated ENS (Ethereum Name Service) contracts so we can still use our usernames as addresses.. After that will be some atomic swap style bridges, then after that just a matter of setting up the staking / node parameters and it should be good. Already had a small 4 node version of it running locally getting the on EVM chain bridge oracle going. :)

Just got sidetracked on other chains currently, understandably there is a bit of conflict of interests by those that could give me funding to do this on here, so raising funds doing dev elsewhere and then when I can afford few months dev time I need to finish it off and launch, will do so.

Hoping for end of Q1 but we will see, if somehow I manage to get mine going before BT and his 40 man team gets theirs goign I'm not even sure what the hell to say, I'm still lining up to bring us into a modern era in regards to being able to use our HIVE though.. This existing chain shall be the blog chain, but the new one will actually make us somewhat competitive, or at the very least bring us up to date and allow for interoperability with other chains.

Thanks for the mention captain (ackza?), cheers!