Last chance to get your hands on some EDS Miners


This is just a quick post to alert you that only 1000 out of 2500 EDS Miners are left for sale on Hive-Engine.

EDS is one of my favourite passive income tokens on Hive blockchain and I receive a weekly HIVE payment according to the EDS I hold.

The only way to get your hands on some sweet EDS Tokens right now is either buy them on Hive-Engine for 1.55 Hive/EDS or buy EDS Miners and earn EDS Miners Rewards.

Mining Rewards

There are 480,000 EDS waiting to be minted

  • 3 Pools per day, one draw every 8 hours
  • 20 mining rewards per draw
  • Each mining reward = 0.228 EDS token

My 20 EDS Miners earned me more or less 2 EDS tokens the past 7 days. Not bad right?


Having more EDS Tokens increases my weekly passive income returns so there's a great synergy between EDS Miners and EDS Tokens. I actually went ahead and bought 10 more so I can have a bigger chance of winning some EDS in the weekly draws.

You can take a look at how much my passive returns from holding EDS Tokens and miners has increased the past few months as well as learn more about this project at one of my previous LeoFinance blogs

Go grab some EDS Miners while they are still out there. Not gonna be there forever...

Buy EDS Miners on Hive-Engine :

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Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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