Get ApeNFT token for 2 years by Holding Tokens in your wallet




Ever since the bear season, I have disabled the mobile data access for my Binance app. This has enabled me have a peaceful sleep and good rest of mind. I have deviated from always refreshing my Binance wallet to creating content in @Leofinance, @Hiveblog, @proofofbrain. So I have been very busy with these platforms and learning a lot from here. Today I remembered I have a Binance account so I decided to log in and check how it’s going. Well so far so good, the price my wallets were are not the price they are currently, but it was expected.


But I saw a token called NFT by APENFT. Due to my research on dust attack, I thought I had been dust attacked, so I checked what APENFT was.

APENFT is platform that was built to register art works that are world class worthy as NFTs on-chain. This platform was built on the Tron blockchain technology and powered by one of the best data storage system, Bittorent. The aim of the NFT platform is to connect top-notch artist and blockchain. It turns out that APENFT is distributing airdrops to individuals holding TRC20-BTC, TRC20-ETH, TRC20-TUSD, TRX, BTT or JST in a private wallet or exchange supporting the airdrop like Binance. By holding these tokens you are entitled to receiving APENFT Airdrop for 2 years. This is great.

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