The Walking Dead Gaming Experience Is Being Introduced as an NFT


If you a are big fan of the popular Tv show “The Walking Dead”, then it’s a pleasure to let you know that the franchise is coming to a decentralized gaming platform, The Sandbox. This gaming platform is built on a blockchain based NFT.

image credit : The Sandbox

The sandbox partnered with the “The Walking Dead” company owner to bring a new experience to the fans. This is going to be a good gaming experience as zombie experience is a popular game category. Just like in the movie, gamers are expected to unite with each other as they try to under go day to day challenges like building a wall, sustaining a relationship amongst theirselves, scavenging for food, accumulating resources and avoid getting bitten by a zombie.


This new gaming experience will give players the opportunity to interact with each other and socialize. The Walking Dead characters will be recreated in the game’s blocky 3D voxel style. Users also have the opportunity to purchase their own virtual Land, which enables them to monetize their experiences.

It’s crazy right? Seeing that you can now own a virtual property that can be monetized. The Sandbox has made $5.9 million sales towards virtual lands. Yes these lands are NFTs

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