Days 2-4 which means sightseeing!



Morning in New Orleans

After the various adventures of coming to the states, it's time to describe my first impressions of exploring this city. First of all, mention should be made of the great leap in eating breakfast, as in Poland they are usually quite small breakfasts such as scrambled or fried eggs. Yes in New Orleans I ordered a waffle with a huge chicken breast and everything poured with a syrup similar to maple. Other than that, the main dishes I encountered were chicken breast related. Also, practically everywhere you could come across fast food.

Sightseeing and people

As for my feelings about this city, I think there are really a lot of things in it for not being very big. There are historic places, beautiful squares, historic houses, and streets like Bourbon, where there are a lot of people at night. Interestingly enough, the first time I went with my friends because we had heard that Bourbon Street is the second most partying place in the world, I was strongly surprised. There were quite a few people and all over 50, of course, this must have been due to the fact that it was a Thursday.

Strange feelings about parties

Continuing on the theme of parties, New Orleans is one of the funniest places, because more than once it happened when I walked in with friends and the DJ changed the music from hard rap to Abba. I can understand if it happened once, but it was like that for half the evening. Also, I was very surprised that everything was closing at 3 o'clock. Nevertheless, I think it's really cool there because they have a lot of themed clubs.

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