Journey to New York



Time to tell one of the most interesting adventures in a long time.

The trip

With a day off during the CVPR conference, my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to go to New York and see if it really was that stunning a city. Our itinerary for the trip was set for a 5 a.m. departure from New Orleans and a return around 9 p.m. Surprisingly, there were no problems with the departure however, the subsequent story is more interesting.


After landing and arriving in New York, we must admit that the view of the willows was quite impressive, just that day there was a lot of fog as a result of which the tops of some buildings could not be seen. With friends, we visited the iconic sites of Spider-Man, Central park, and much more. One of the funniest things was to see the Statue of Liberty, which from the shore was practically invisible, while in the movies no matter where you look at it always looks huge. Also, we noticed that it is not at all a city where everyone is in a hurry all the time I believe that in London people run around much more, but you could feel the atmosphere of corporate life.

The beginning of a real adventure

After visiting New York, we had a return flight set, but on arrival at the airport, we found that it had been canceled for weather reasons. Unfortunately, the next day we had to be in New Orleans in the morning because of a very important presentation at the conference, however, we only received information about the possibility of a flight the next day at 9 pm to the one from Philadelphia. Consequently, at first, we decided that we would rent a car for 6 people and drive for 18 hours. Unfortunately, there was more misfortune because we were not able to rent a car in connection with which we had to accept the offer of a flight the next day. As a result, I rented an apartment in Philadelphia, then it turned out that it was in China Town which I thought was a very nice hit. However, we still had to get there somehow, from our calculations it worked out that it was more profitable to take an Uber, in connection with which we ordered one. Let me tell you right away that the driver was very surprised that there was a three-hour trip ahead of him, and during the conversation, he offered to transport us to the s to New Orleans. Something seems to me that he took us for some YouTubers. However, when he learned that the maximum we could pay was $2,000 he decided there was no point. As for Philly itself, it made a heavy impression at night. Very many homeless people and garbage. In general, during my trip, I noticed that, however, in the States, there are many more homeless people on the street, and funnily enough it was always said that this is a place where you can start all over again and earn a lot.

I will tell you the rest of the story of Philadelphia next time....

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@kwskicky Beautiful photos of the building it looks like a castle in the movie.😍😍 Thanks for sharing with us i really wanted to see the other world what it looks like.