Trip to Hogwarts - Universal Studios London


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Our first time in Hogwarts castle

A bit of an amazing surprise for my girlfriend's birthday in today's post. In recent posts, I've been describing days in London but I didn't have time to finish the whole story so I decided to do it today and tell you about the trip to Universal Studios where Harry Potter was filmed.

The whole trip started at 10 when a special bus picked us up from the bus stop. Then after a short tour, we arrived at the movie studio. I can tell you right away that it was huge.

The whole tour can be divided into three parts, the first showed all the scenes from the film, the second was outside the studio where you could see the house of Harry's family and the third part showed all the masks and electronic components.

In the first part, I was very surprised that so many things were created during the movie, I thought it was mostly CGI but I was wrong, the whole studio showed Hogwarts elements like Dumbledore's room, Hagrid's hut, Harry's room, and many more.

On the outside, I was very impressed with the 1:1 representation of the house and the tall three-story bus. Also at this time, you could try their root beer, but as it turned out, it was disgusting. The beer itself was even ok, just a little too sweet. However, the drink itself was awful.

In the third and final room, you could see highlights such as Hagrid's head and goblin costumes. Also featured was "Grumpy".


Generally, I could write a lot about this trip but I decided to show it in pictures, so I invite everyone to see all the images because I think it's worth it. I invite you to see all the images because I think it's worth it. An interesting fact is that usually tickets on the website are sold out for 2 months ahead, but if you are patient you can wait and buy them at the time of the second throw, which is about a week before the chosen date. This is a good strategy because other trips no longer on the Universal website are twice as expensive!

For the best experience view this post on Liketu


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