Blogging Challenge. Day7. Part 1. Your 5 favorite songs.



I didn’t expect that the question about 5 favorite songs would put me in such a dead end.
Moreover, by my first education, I am a music teacher, and for 8 years I taught children to play the button accordion in a music school.
But I haven't wondered for so long what my favorite songs are ...
And I haven't been singing for so long ...
But every day, running 5-7 km, I listen to the same songs.
I listen to them because they are rhythmic, active, they help me to run so that I don't get tired.
But to say that they are my beloved - I find it difficult.
And I wondered, what are my favorite songs?
And I realized that I was not ready to say that.
This question put me in such a difficult position that I even interrupted my challenge.
I can’t say what is horrible, I can’t invent either, but really think about what songs are my favorite - I just didn’t have time, I thought I should give a link to them.
I still don’t know, and I can’t say which songs are my favorite.
About 30 years ago, when we gathered at the table with friends, played the button accordion, the guitar, and sang our favorite songs for hours on end, I had many favorite songs.
Now I usually listen to rhythmic music, and many old songs in Russian.
In general, let me have this answer at this point: I love my songs of youth, which we sang with friends with a guitar.

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