How did the founder of Terra comment on the current situation?

“Do Kwon” is the man behind the founding of the Terra ecosystem, which was previously a multi-billion dollar project that later fell to $0 due to an algorithm exploit that enabled merchants to drop the price of LUNA to zero in just a few days.

Which wiped out tens of billions of capital and revealed a chain of events that turned out to be devastating to the entire industry.

"Do Kwon" is known for his stinging remarks and tweets similar to his statement that he enjoys seeing companies collapse.

But since his company collapsed, his Twitter activity has diminished, and for many days he has been watching in silence.

Until yesterday, he tweeted a series of tweets commenting about the current market situation and started with the phrase:

He told that the last month for cryptocurrency contains lessons that will boost the rise of the next generation of builders to new heights and described the status quo by saying:

Volatility is the price believers pay to achieve sovereignty.

Earlier it was reported that South Korea's National Tax Service had ordered Terraform Labs, Do Kwon and other executives to pay a fine of $78 million for tax evasion.
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