Creating the biggest POST EVER! - 186 users needed


Hello LBIer's, it's been a few weeks but I have not forgotten are given up on creating a post so big that it will take a full HIVE block to store it. Most of our daily reader will know about this but there is lots of fresh blood on LeoFinance and we are after 200 users so this might take a month are 2. As with anything, their is no beauty/reward without some pain/grind. If you are not aware of what we are trying to do, check it out.



Goal - Produce a 64,000 character post

The maximum amount of date a HIVE block can hold is equal to a little over 64,000 characters in a single post. Comments and posts are the same things to the blockchain so it has to be within 1 post. We plan to create a post that will fill a complete block and call it the Leo block. This is all just for fun, I think it would be awesome to be part of the biggest ever post that can be created on the HIVE blockchain. But there is no monetary incentive to take part so most users will have no interest in taking part.

  • Collect 200 messages from LEO users
  • Each message must be 320 characters long (-/+ 10)
  • Collect at least 1 LEO from each taking part to be burned
  • Combine all 200 messages into 1 post and upload
  • Result - Biggest possible ever post
  • Can't be beaten, only equalled

That's right, we are going to create a post to the maximum amount that can be stored on a block within the HIVE blockchain. We will call it the Leo block and we're offering users the chance to take part.

14 users have took part so far, shout out the @bozz, @rxhector, nonsowrites, @amr008, @jfang003, @hykss, @preparedwombat, @dagger212, @jmsansan.leo, @partitura, @trumpikas, @alexvan, @ammonite and @pardinus. We have received 31 LEO so far in donations for the RIP @null burning.

Still, a long way off 200 users, im guessing this number will change to 100 as it seems to be difficult for people to think of a message containing 320 characters. If the message content was to be "explaining why i will do this later", we would have hit our 200 user target already. People can write 100-150 words to say they'll think of something and come back later instead of just doing it. Procrastination is a bitch.


Please see this post for full details

We require 200 people to give us 320 characters of content based on the numbers below.

  • 64,000 characters divided by 200 people is 320 characters per person
  • 320 characters per person to include username plus 2 for formatting

username - @heyjoe = 320 minus 6 for username minus 2 for formatting equals 312 characters for content

  • Please remember that each space between words counts as 1 character
  • Pictures/videos are any media that will not be accepted
  • 320 characters is around 56 words to give you a rough ballpark. It's very


How to take part

To take part will cost you a minimum of 1 LEO token, there is no limit to how much to can send to take part, 1, 5, 24.712, 100 LEO all accepted. All LEO tokens received will be burned, sent to @null. You might be thinking why burn it? We burn the donations to say thank to LeoFinance for giving us all the opportunity to earn lots of dollars for very little work. Giving a little back every now will make you feel warm inside knowing you did something positive for the ecosystem. Most of us will have earned hundreds of dollars worth of LEO, some will have thousands and others will have earned tens of thousands of dollars. When I put it that way, burning a few LEO to take part in a community-building activity is the least we can do.

LBI will offer 3 Prizes to the top donators

  • Top Donator wins 15 LBI token
  • Second, win 10 LBI tokens
  • Third, win 5 LBI token

The more you donate, the more we burn the better your chance of winning some LBI tokens.

1/ Comment below with your 320 character message
2/ Make a donation of at least 1 LEO to @lbi-funding


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Looks like we went up from 6 people to 14 people. I am a little disappointed we didn't get more participants given the fact that there were so many interested people. Given the current rate, I think it may take a few months to collect the required 200 people.

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That's just the way it is, everyone a part of something selectively and cherry pick. Not many people that spread themselves far and wide :)

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I added mine last time around. Who's next? We can't just keep upvoting this same post week after week, can we? lol

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Slow and steady. Almost need a way to reward people to participate to spark the engagement, involvement, participation. May try to write a 64k character post myself..

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Ah it is always like that I guess, no matter what we need to provide some incentive for the people to participate in these type of contests otherwise people just don't want to take part .

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I want to participate, I will donate 1 Leo, but I'm still a little confused. Where do I need to post this? the user's @ doesn't count? For example, mine is @vempromundo, does that count as 11 or 12 characters?

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What about making the prize stuff distributed weekly or monthly (if you had received more than you have to distribute) ? and for each round everyone can join again, even the ones who joined previously.
Because we will never reach it otherwise :D

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to be honest, i thought this would have taken 3-4 weeks. Im not willing to out that much effort into a fun free project. I like the idea's but i have another that will speed things up. Just forget the LEO burning and collect messages

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I really would have thought more people would have taken part in this!


Oh this is going to be a long contest I suppose . If the same people could enter every week and leave new 320 characters comments that would have been nice . I would have participated every week .


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I don't think people have a problem with writing something 320 character long, people are just cheap and want to hold on to their Leo :P

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How to take part
To take part will cost you a minimum of 1 LEO token, there is no limit to how much to can send to take part, 1, 5, 24.712, 100 LEO all accepted. All LEO tokens received will be burned, sent to @null. You might be thinking why burn it? We burn the donations to say thank to LeoFinance for giving us all the opportunity to earn lots of dollars for very little work. Giving a little back every now will make you feel warm inside knowing you did something positive for the ecosystem.

@lbi-token this is really an interesting idea and it will really help the LEO economy to grow too....

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I made the largest post on Hive. It doesn't even go up to 64000 characters, more like 63200-700, 64000 does not post.

I decided that I will publish my Book as a Post here on Hive, in an attempt to make a post that is 1 Hive-Block in size.

My book was printed in a limited run which I distributed, but it is still available for purchase for anyone wishing to support me from Blurb.

I now leave you with the Book.


Inner Cover Quote

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”

– Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll



Dedicated to:
All Souls of Mankind

Until the day I bring about change, my voice will echo across the halls and my words will reverberate from the walls with unimaginable intensity. Such that glass will break, mirrors will shatter and the walls will crack as if they were made of sand. For my voice is not the voice of a ghost nor does it equal zero, but my voice is the voice of Truth. My voice will cause the untruthful to burst into ferocious flames, inextinguishable with water nor the burn relievable with ice, it will move mountains with a syllable and cause tremendous waves across every ocean with a mere whistle and by a simple whisper will pierce silence like a knife that would cut Diamonds and steel.

-Akarin The White Dragon


The End {Opening}

In the beginning on my path for truth I sought to protest and revolt against many of the injustices that I became confronted with in the course of my life, in all realms of our modern system, but I have realised that is pointless. There is no point in wasting energy on fighting the old system when we can use that energy to simply build the new. So what became important, was for me to find a way I could somehow share with others the empowerment I received by discovering my own truth. With these poems and with these works I wish to give each reader the chance to find his own power back, to
give back people their sovereignty and hopefully guide some to seek deeper into the mysteries that their own being has to offer.
Whether you find gold or crap in here is for you to see. Truth often dresses as charlatan of mystery.

Yours Truly.
Akarin the White Dragon
aka. Ravenking Immortal Sorcerer of Truth Incarnate. Or the Foolking Amithabha

Nitimur in Vetitum "We strive after the forbidden"


Dear Reader,
I wish to give you a little introduction to help you gain a clearer understanding about how this book is to be used, or what it is meant to represent at the very least.

This book is a collection of poems and texts that I have written throughout the past several years of my journey through this mystery called life.

While the word "Truth" might show up rather often in this book, I do not believe in a truth that can be grabbed, owned, or conceptualised. I will even go so far as to say that: "There is NO such THING as TRUTH"

Nonetheless many of the examples or ideas in my writings are exaggerated, or not meant to be taken too literally. Yet they are meant to serve as pointers trying to capture moments of insight, realisation and understanding.
Some of the poems I wrote not understanding them initially. The words came of their own accord. The poem writing itself from some unknown depth. Many kept changing their meaning to me whenever I would come back to them and I was often surprised to discover they contained insights that I hadn't yet integrated nor understood when I was writing them down the first time.

This book follows no chronology. It has no specific order to the texts. Yet since for me the meaning of each text kept transforming as time passed, I believe that those of you who feel some resonance with the texts they find herein might consider picking the book up every now and then to see if the same holds true for you.

The highest of truth cannot be attained or discovered, it is not a thing that is accomplished or that one acquires through knowledge. It is and has always been with you, for that which you seek is what you are.

If this book should teach anything then let it be: "How to be nobody and nothing".

Let it be a guide as to " How to die before one Dies". The Key to Immortal Life.

The Mortal dies with his body to become Mortal again.
When he dies before his body, he recognises the Immortal that was playing the Mortal Game.
And now as Immortal, Death transformed into Life. Crown upon his forehead, he has become Life living life.

This is also why this book is titled "The End". The ending of the small finite limited story! or...
The Beginning of Eternity.
I sincerely hope you are rewarded with a fun read.


The Beginning of The End

You are it. Nothing and Everything. Truth is Meaninglessness.
Truth Is Love, Wisdom, Understanding. Truth is You.
"Nothing" the ground of your being. All things the clothing of meaninglessness in meaning. The Divine Copulation of Love and Paradox. The Eternal union between meaning and

ICE and FIRE in an ever-beautiful constant smashing into another, producing an OM-like
screeching steamy whistle blow.

The End.

You are Time, Space and Presence.
You are eternally NOW, HERE and Aware.
So are you aware of being nowhere?
The Awareness that is Now Here?
Do you know that you are nothing,
the thing that is in all things?
Have you become a being free from being things?
If not, then Realize & Soar infinity on angelic wings!


The Art of Silence and Dying

As we turn inside we are battered by the resistances of our thoughts. Silence most rarely settles in within the inner being for long. We fear its void, its emptiness, it seems to taste of death.

"Why should I be silent? Why should I remain quiet? What do I have to gain? They say Time is Money, I am not rich enough to earn the luxury of silence. I'll be silent enough in my pension most surely!

I mean I got to run, I got a whole life to live, I've got things to conquer and plans to make! I need to be busy not quiet! I've just got too much to do, I have sufficient time for silence when I die!",Thus spoke the fool and entered the race of Life.

Having decided that he will not suffer the death of silence, he has forsaken the gift of immortality.
For he has chosen to live as mortal faced with Death at the last gate of life waiting with Silence patiently.


The Nameless One of Many Names

For eons I have been present, lived and have died again and again.
I have been here at the very first burst of light that shattered the fabric of space and time. I am the void of darkness and the light of love shining as bright as a million suns. I have felt suffering, yet never did I suffer. I have felt pain, yet never was I Hurt. I have died, yet never did I die.

The nameless one I am and yet I have been given many names. I am both outside and inside. I am my Divine Center and yet boundless and infinite.

I was hidden by the clouds that passed within my being, these I came to realise were my mind.

It played the master in many lived lives for I had been made by power of thoughts blind.

Simply relax, taste the present slow. Let future and past gently go.
Step inside this moment NOW.
Do not think, effort or ask: “But How? Just simply BE, BE and BE.
Be Patient and soon you will see.
A crack will open in your heart.
A three-fold flame to burn will start.
A smile erupts, old nightmares dissolved.
A god wakes up, divinity restored.


In The Halls of Sanity

We have walked for too many lifetimes in the halls of sanity, which death only brings..
We have given our life to our minds and have divided ourselves into finite things.
We have become the cogs in a big machine that has no life in it.
We conform ourselves to the laws and whims of society and normality without even throwing a fit.
We give ourselves up to be less different, to be the same, and yet have become more separated and "Normally Insane".
When there is no individual left to speak from heart,
but only monkeys repeating words with less value than a fart.
When we all became the same agreeing to conformity is when we fell to hell and lost our unity.
For what we had in common was our soul and what we shared was our individuality.
Now what we have in common is our behaviour and normality. What we have lost is our soul and immortality.


The Gaze of Infinity

Time to rise from smallhood into godhood.
A bridge between the local consciousness and the universal one.
A black-hole to the universal sun. The small I Event Horizon fuelled by the Grand Eye.
From Human into Beingness.
From a subjective object to a divine subject.
From a thing into nothing.
From limitation into boundlessness.
From Time and Space into Infinity.
From There and Then into Now and Here.

Whatever matter that is thrown into the black-hole of the localised self, when bridged to the Grand I Inner Sun, will tear that matter apart at its event horizon and suck in all of its light.
Hence ever steadfast in his clarity of truth and no longer deceived by the heavy weight of artificial lies.

You may see many eyes simply empty and void with no force of attraction in them whatsoever.
These have closed the portal to their true self and hence also to the universal self.
Their black hole has been shut.
But there are some few individuals that you might meet, whose eyes when looked into have a depth and a pulling attraction that is characteristic of their portal having opened.
That force of attraction is the depth of an eternal soul, an incarnate living black hole.
Black holes looking into black holes can only keep steady comfortable contact.
For others the stare that comes from the depths of infinity is hard to bear.


The Hellforge of Angels

Life will keep shattering you with pain, suffering and misery for as long as you believe yourself to be something that can be hurt, destroyed or damaged.

If you believe yourself to be destructible, then the miseries of life shall be yours.
For as long as you depend on your joy from outside and from others, where your happiness is defined by situation, circumstance, relation or possession.

This will go on until you have suffered through death, through losses of all kinds, have been mutilated, have suffered all sorts of diseases, and lived countless lives.

When the realisation begins to dawn, that you have only proven to yourself, that you are utterly indestructible, infinite, and limitless.
On that day you will be bathed in Eternal Bliss and Joy.
That will mark the day you fall in love with the sheer divine magnitude of your own being.
You will taste of your own completion fully for eternity on that day.
And you know what?.... This is only where the real story begins.
Living as unconscious mortal tossed about by life for so long. Having lived many lives and stories, yet never master of it all.
Now one has become and realised one is Life itself.
One begins living as immortal god ever joyful in his own eternal self.


The Mad Research of Sanity

The path to truth is one of going mad and insane in a sane
One has to dare jump into insanity by using ones knowledge of self as the foundation and base of sanity.

Truth is Knowing The Self. From there the door opens to simple infinite exploration among all realms both those of sanity and insanity.

But Warning to those who seek to explore before having found their truth. For one runs the risk of being lost in both sanity and insanity. Truth is Here and Now. Make it Yours. Do not Hesitate. Do Not Doubt It. Do not Place it outside of you. It is always here and now. You are it. The "You" that remains when all else dies. Face Death and receive your gift of Truth. And then Explore Eternal Life
for Infinity into Eternity and Beyond...


I Am Become Death

I am become Death, the dissolver of meaning.
I Destroy Time and Space in the greatness of my singularity. Beyond my event horizon no man can ever see.
I am a Black-Hole ecstatic and in love with creation, ripping apart space-time and matter at its seams.

I am Space. I am Time.
What madness is this? Whatever I had thought to be, was just but a tiny drop in the sea. Oh no!! How I was mistaken, I am the Sea! I am All drops and I am the Nothing that devours it all in Time.

Meaninglessness is the recognition of truth. Meaning is but the forms that arise the further one travels from it.
In Truth thy meaning is thy self. In Truth, all is Self, disguised in forms. And the less one sees the self behind the forms, the more meaning one finds in those very forms.

Forms adding to forms, relations and separation, give rise to meanings of many a kind all.

Yet Truth they are none, for TRUTH is the meaninglessness of all and the realisation and recognition of the self in all things. One is oneself Meaning and Truth, One is All. No "Thing" has meaning in and of itself at all!


Fractal Matrix of Cell(fs)

A book is a book from perspective of the form, zoom in and it is atoms that's all, zoom out a speck of dust on a tiny blue ball.

But at its depth and core, a Self lies hidden in it all.

Oh what sheer insanity, I am flying through all meanings high and low, while at the same time dissolving all meaning into my being, and revealing it's meaninglessness in the highest seeing.

Before a human in relation to persons and things, now a being in communion with the endless life behind all things, having turned the world of separate matter into a unity of beings.

Oh eternal divine that houses all selves, the SELF of my self, the heart of my heart, the one that flows through each and every soul with no distance at all. I am in Love with you both as Life and as Death. Reminding me at each and every step between "me and you" is no difference at all.

Before in search of Truth, one wishes to learn the meaning of all, but when one knows Truth one becomes the Master of Meaning, no longer will one stumble about blindly and fall.


The Divine Proclamation of Coronation

I am King over My Own Kingdom, This Vessel you See.
The God within this Temple, eyes closed I travel the infinite Sea.
I am a Loyal Knight to my beloved Truth, Truth of Love and Paradox so dear.
My blade the destroyer of lies, revealer of untruth and slaughterer of the demons of fear.
I am the Fool of Love balancing myself on invisible, non-existing wire in the air.
I am the Sorcerer of Mystery, weaver of spells. The wizard, the mystic, the seer.
I am Death himself to those in dead living. I am Life itself, Life living.
I am the Skull, the 13th Number.
I am The Ruler of Bad Luck, Over and Under,
And I am the Death which Makes Lucky the chosen man.
Who chooses death before dying, aligning with the divine plan.
I am Ordered in truth and Chaotic in Nature.
I am the unknown and known that lives in every creature.
Burn down all weakness to the ground!!
Rising as phoenixes with a roaring piercing sound.

Crackling lightning, the fuel of our being,
Streams of fierce magma streaming in our veins,
Limitless like the wind far reaching and seeing,
Made of the hardest earth, A diamond free from pains.

Discovering our waters of rebirth.


The Manifesto of Truth

The Inner Fire Erupts with a Blaze. I am Burning with Infinity in Every Cell. My Soul is merging with the Great Lord of Life and Death. Oh Dear Shiva, Auspicious One, Eternal One, Infinite One, Limitless One. I Call on You. I call you out from deep within. I call to you from my deepest of soul and I am asking to feel the burning! The Burning of your rising fire. Set me afire, set me ablaze, light me as your torch of truth and love. Eternity is being born within me. The Void of Sublime Infinity the seat of my being, my place of rest and stillness, my home. From the Void into the All of the Great Mother. Into the great play of Shakti in embrace with Shiva. I call to you Infinity to make me find my home deep in the heart of my being. I call to you Eternity to allow me reside in your Eternal Space and to slaughter Time indefinitely from my mind.
Eternal Presence, Infinity blessed Grace. Oh dear supreme divine, I call to you to make of me the greatest potential that lies in my being so deliciously sublime. I call to life and all its spirits dedicated to the truth. I call to Mother Earth and The Spirits of Life to merge and reunite in this heart of mine.
I am bursting in my soul with inner fire. I am rising ever infinitely higher. Dear Supreme Divine I give myself as sacrifice to you, burn me down to the ground. Build me up as magnificent divine being of yours. I give myself to sharing Truth to all, so I ask of you to make of me that Truth in being whole. Set me alight with the sacred flame, I wish to embody and be as Truth in every place.
I wish not to speak of Truth, I wish my very being to be the very substance of Truth as a sun radiating with loving fire ablaze.

I am the Sacred Fire, I am the Waters of Rebirth, I am the Winds of Change and I am the Strength and Stability of Earth.I am the Spirit beyond all these. I am the Eternal abiding in Eternity. I am the Infinite growing Infinitely. And I am that which has always been. Whole from the start of time. I am beyond all words. I rise up and shed my skin. The old burnt by the serpents fire rising within. I am Free. I am Joy. I am Truth. I Am Love. I am Powerful. I am Strong.
I am Shiva. I am Infinity. I am Whole. I am Perfect. I am Growth. I am Change. I am Changeless. I am Life.
The power of a million suns fills my whole body with light, I awaken and open up my inner spiritual eye. I fill my body with golden and silver radiating light. I am Bright. The Transmutation of the fragmented self into a radiating sun. A self becoming his SELF.
I am boundless, I am indestructible, I am Fearless, I am Infinite, I am Eternal.

Om Namah Shivaya, Shivoham. Sarvam Shivamayam.
(TL: "I bow to the inner Self”, I am Shiva(the Inner Self), "All that you witness in this objective world is a manifestation of Shiva")


The Muses of Microcosmic Inspiration

Entry #1
We see ourselves as Beings in Time.
But what if you were Time being or the very Beingness of Time? What if in Truth you are the Present Moment.
You are the "Now" forever "Here". It is where you are, who you are and when you are.
You are the Present. You are the Gift.
What a joke isn't it? A beautiful lovely joke, utter madness it might sound to some.
But "Now" is the Presence of the Present. And it is the Present of Presence.

Entry #2
You are only ever standing "Here", even when you move to "There". But you never can be somewhere over "There", for ever only are you "Here". Each "There" you reach becomes but another "Now" and
"Here". No-"where" is where you always are. Nowhere except Now, Here.

Entry #3
Can you drop all your agendas, intentions too? Can you drop good and bad now do?
For Truth is intention-less-Being doing what it each moment loves to do, for no reason or result, but only ever to represent the highest of truth that beats in your heart as it is the true you!

Entry #4
You are Nothing going nowhere.
You are No-Thing being Now, Here.
You are nowhere as nothing.
All pain is found in something being somwhere.
Freedom is found in being nothing going nowhere.
Deep in Being you are Not a Thing, but over all things the very King.
Going Nowhere, you arrive into "Now" and are finally "Here".
The only real place around, at the only time that truly exists and by no thing is bound, eternal and infinite as the great vast sky.


The Path to Self

Words are traps of decent definition,
Merely pictures of different rendition.
They express what we embody,
For others to see,
Yet incomplete for they can only The picture so perceive, Instead of being
What we truly can be,
We end up being
The words that define me...
Then wonder why we end up so amazingly confused.
When we have ourselves to a simple definition reduced
Our poor great infinite self suffering such tremendous abuse. I am, I am, I am I say,
I am the One and Only to this Day.
I am All things and More Hooray,
I am the one Playing a Play,
But all that I am to this very day,
Is that I am, and I am and I am is all I can say..
I am simply going my way!


What to Write?

On the magic of a rhyme?
Or the peculiarities of time?
The spirit world if you please?
Or with half-truths I could tease?
Do you wish a little fiction?
Or do you seek freedom from friction?
Do you wish to learn to love?
Or rather have beliefs on you shoved?
Do you seek to find god?
Or have an expansive flood,
Break open and destroy
All that you knew, all that you employ
To guide you through reality
And grasp a new world instantly
Unknown and filled with wondrous mystery
A world known for ineffable possibilities, eternally, infinitely.


Breaking Binary

Competition and Rivalry?
Or Teamwork and Camaraderie?
Deceit and Many Lies?
or Honesty and Truth look in the eyes?
Closed heart and shut mind feeling pain
Or opened up feeling ecstatic in this game?
Choice is yours all the same!

Threefold-flame within your heart,
Light up! light up! every cell and part,
Of this body divine that is yours and mine,
So that we may rise like phoenixes in due time.
Why fear shadows when made of light?
Why divide all in left or right?
When the middle both combines?
Why choose a half and not a whole?
A half truth then plays out it's role,
which is no better than a lie that is bold.
This play is getting really old.
The devil exhausted of this game,
When will they realize God and Devil are the same?
When will the lesson be learned,
Duality transcended
Und dieses Spiel beendet?
When will these souls their diploma have earned?
Come rise, it's time our evolution ascended.


The Garden of Eden

Absolute purity is a perversion, no better than absolute corruption.
Balance is the road to perfection. Can you uphold both light and dark with love in your heart?
Paradise is where we were born, foolishly millions pray for their release from it or their enlightenment from it, to flee to a paradise elsewhere, to leave behind this realm.
The Garden of Eden is filled with those believing they've landed in the abyss of hell, yet this is a realm of gods, and until we realise and conquer our own polarities, we will feel powerless here.

We have given our power to many things external, to many false gods and constructs, not realising we are the children of gods, what does that make of us?
Truth lies within, strength, wisdom, even power all lie within. Power not as in what most people understand being power to control things, it is mostly power in the form of power over yourself.

Within you lay a horde of demons and angels; as long as they remain hidden, they hold unknown power over you.
But if you allow love to shine within and to meet these many aspects, you will find out that they are all merely fragments of yourself striving for attention and each one, both your demons and your angels have a gift to offer.


Illuminations of Insanity

I found myself flowing in a river of shadows, time hadn't stopped walking through the park, and the future left me abandoned and waiting, never arriving. Strangeness was like a cold shower of Giving-Life. It all had to stop before we could see the sounds hitting us from above.

So we heard a green storm chasing away all the forgotten hopes. I rose up across the ocean, and swam into the mountains, then flowed through the air as I touched liquid gold.

When were wings turned to crooked limbs? I forgot. Yet it mattered not. Restored they are. I killed the past with a spoon, so rise up you need not wait for soon. Crows picking up glittering sparks among the hearts of men. The trees breathing a dragons breath into the fire. Tears were crying clouds of rain, at the sight of all this false pain.
Just simply let it all be forgotten, the lies, the fear, the pain. Simply forget.

Or remember that Love is that which has been replaced. Replaced with a false dream, inside an empty space that is imploding into itself.
Souls gloriously open up their mouths, and are bursting forth liquid silver and gold from the cry of a waking heart that has been in hibernation. Winter is over, wake up, Beat, Beat dear heart, and let us blossom into the spring, as beings of divinity, majestically.


Draconian Tyrants

Politicians sitting at a large table,
Possessing an ancient reptile nature,
Of truth and loving long incapable,
These men are shadows playing evil immature,
They lie, deceive, and stab in the back,
But they all are beginning to crack,
As they begin stabbing each other,
One by one,
As they compete to death with one another,
Soon all will be gone,
These evil men will fall on their own,
A curse has been cast and the seeds have been sown, As darkness falls into itself,
Light will prevail in our inner self.
We will be guided to the light,
To transcend the dark that is our right,
We the people of the living heart,
The rainbow children, makers of art,
We the bearers of immortal souls,
Striving to evolve to infinite goals!
The light has won, the cracks are here,
As rays of love and truth now tear,
Through the fabric of this space and time,
This black hole of darkness penetrated by the divine,
Rejoice and sing to Gaia all,
You the people and dear spirits of life I call,
Sing and dance and bless dear Father sky,
While with Mother Earth we evolve to new heights and wave the darkness a loving goodbye


Belief & Authority

We have a choice as human beings, we each must eventually decide who we claim as our source of authority, whether we choose to see it as internal or external. When you view authority in the hands of external sources you are giving up the rights to your life, although when you choose to be your own authority perceiving it internally in your heart, then you become the author of your own life. The story becomes yours to write. Your actions become your pen and the future filled with unlimited potential.

To believe in oneself is to show ...gratitude, trust and faith in that from which you came and were born from.
Be it the Universe, God whatever you want to call it.
If You see it as Perfect, then how can a part of it be imperfect, how could you be? To believe in oneself comes from appreciating oneself, for there ends the
doubt in what one is, and begins trust in all that there is!


Gifting a Present worthy of the Divine

Most people believe that giving love or showing love is done with a romantic gesture, or with a word or by doing everything one can for that person which one loves. Sadly while these are minor expressions of love. They are not LOVE. The True transaction of Love happens in the act of being present. To offer your full presence to a person and full attention is to actually love that person.

While we often look at our loved ones and tell them how much we love them or write them a letter or give them a kiss, we sometimes end up doing these things automatically and not from a full state of presence.

Not to mention that we live in a world where love is only shared among family and friends, but the notion of loving a stranger is absolutely foreign. But that is again because we confuse the egoic form of love with LOVE. When you understand that true unconditional love is the act of giving a person your full presence and attention, listening and perceiving them in the present moment without judgment or expectation, then you will understand that LOVE is far simpler than we like to make it.

Once this form of Love becomes our priority then our minor expressions of love will also begin to flourish in creativity and expression.
For from unconditional Love and Truth the most precious of things are grown.

It is this very lack of presence that has disconnected us from each other, it is this very lack of LOVE that has disconnected us from each other, and we find ourselves in a world of reality show living and superficial love on every level. Superficial Parents who buy their children love, a world where we love to hate for a purpose and we hate to love our enemies.

Presence is the Present that we need to present to ourselves and those we meet.

In the Present within Presence is where true Magic Lies. For you arrive everywhere by entering nowhere and being NOW HERE and no longer hide.


Planet Earth Red Alert

Emotions shallow and superficial,
Planet earth hitting point critical,
Tasteless words uttered in vain,
Tiny seeds growing into fruits of pain,
Can you see the illusion behind your masks?
Look the light in the eye? For truth no longer anyone asks.

Deprived of intellect, deprived of wisdom all,
These spirits running in their own hell, glorifying their own fall.
Foolishly defend what is old and what is known as right,
But beware the cracks that have formed over night,
This facade of illusion and deceit is being invaded by the light.
Souls lost in patterns, patterns in their mind,
Circular mazes of thought, with no exit they can find.
Souls lost in patterns of future and past,
Souls whose present never long does last,
Souls in iron chains have been cast,
Come! Take my hand! We'll escape real fast!
Escape from the mazes in your mind,
To do so first you must become blind,
Step into darkness, into unknown territory,
Here strength comes from your inner mystery,
Intuition will guide you to thy holy sight,
Which will bring truth and combine your dark with your light. Many fears will come up when stumbling blindly,
Yet do not falter and do not fail, you are guided kindly,
Once recovered and restored
You are into a Divine Secret Transformed.
By the powers of the land and seas,
By the vast expanse of birds and trees,
Spirits of all mysterious places,
Come join us in our modern spaces,
Crack this hollow shell we ́re dwelling in,
Allow light and truth to flood in and begin,
The transformation of mankind.
A transformation into Truth Divine.


Modern Troy

Spirits flow an ocean vast,
Among the iron fear is cast,
The loss of life makes them quiver,
The loss of love their hearts now shiver,
Open up those deep closed eyes,
Gaze upon these infinite skies!
Grow intent and courage strong,
Teach as many right from wrong,
Truth will cut and bleed the lies,
And free us from our soulless, Ties.
Once again we'll dance in joy,
As we watch the fall of Modern Troy.


The Philosophers Stone

Insanity knows love, and nothing else.
Sanity knows all things, but not love and not trust.
Sanity is the servant of the mind.
Insanity the knower of nothing, beyond words and logic, is the divine.
Folly speaks of eternal souls, and wise men tell you earn your salary that's all.
Folly says that you are whole, Sanity says look for yourself in the outside world you need to build the pieces of your soul.
Folly says you are here and only now. living men say you need to work and grow and run about.
Insanity says I am God and so are you and each and everyone. Sanity says you are Tom and he is Jerry, he is fat and he is small, one is more the other less, judging by superficial senses and things like dress.

You are nothing going nowhere except arriving NOW, HERE, when you drop the mind and leave him on distant shore, and jump into the abyss of divine trust and knowing only that you are nothing and know nothing that's all.

NO-Thing, you are that grandest source that gives rise to all, a living source living within a greater source, until the day it recognises itself as being not it's dying body and personality, but the very essence that keeps returning to living again and again having had countless bodies. When it knows it never dies, then death ceases to exist for that source its life. For it is and has become a life living life.


Feather Heart

Do you wish to know the secret to flying?
Then listen carefully,
to fly you must break open your heart, the seat of magic, as the heart breaks open you will begin falling endlessly, but it is not any simple type of falling, it is an endless falling in love.

When you are suspended in air at all times and your feet never touch the ground then you will have discovered the secret of magical flight.

Dreaming dreams that were dreamed by the dreaming dreamer, as we wake up from a dream into a dream and then wake up a
little later.


Transforming Circles

Akarin the White Dragon, was Tarin the Black Raven at start, Who shed skin as the Emerald Snake bursting wings to depart, Into the infinities within and above.
Catharsia beckoned closer to hear the drumbeat in the dark, Becoming known Opalis as he rooted with tough bark,
Deep into our Mother Earth, filled with her gentle love
And felt the Father Sun his rays raise his inner fire from above.
As the Raven turned into a Snake,
T ́was
The Snake that turned into a Drake,
Circles formed and merged together,
Bridges crossed into the mysterious ether,
Entering new worlds at each crossing altogether



Take a plunge into a world of
Breathing trees and moving leaves
Take a dive into a cry
Filling space with shattering lights
A leap of faith into black ink
The colour in the blank sheet does sink
An eye up high in the sky,
Black pyramids of mystery fly
Towards the shattered fabrics of time,
the neglect of our capable minds

I see the dawn erupting with bright light,
I see the infinite struggle and fight;
Feel the rise of my soul over mind;
My body left numb behind.
A hand moves ,it's not mine, a body shivers but where?
A leg shakes in the web of time! or was it me somehow, somewhere?
A walk into a world of fractal trees,
At the edges seem to be snowy leaves
A sudden warp of space and time,
a valley of life a sight of divine.
A sound arrives and joy presides,
Perceived as colour in my eyes,
Vibrations fill the golden air!
The Touch of God is There!



From all that I have learned about magic, is that if you distill it down into its essential simplicity at least what concerns its practice and the art itself, it literally is the refining and mastering of the imagination(/mind's eye/inner vision).

The problem with the word "imagination" is that it is seen as unreal in respect to reality, it is seen as a purely mental and personal construct/ idea in the brain. Yet imagination with the right mindset, with focused will and/or in altered states of consciousness can inject thoughts and words into the very fabric of the universe.

What we think and how we express and see ourselves is
mirrored and reflected back, since like attracts like. The profundity of the importance of imagination is overwhelmingly underestimated by most. It is our very access to our inner worlds and inner senses, also it is the foundation of our inner compass.


Children of the Rainbow

Hypocras' Spirit calling berry wine,
By old magical recipe,
Mary's dance in wispy smoke so very fine,
A marvelous majesty,
Wise spirits are my company,
Come dear spirits, come dance with me.
Introspection bestowed upon my mind,
Perception of a very different kind,
Abstract Intuitions,
Divining the present metaphor,
Breaking repetitions
Killing the future further more
Killing it from the mind the only chore,
For it leads out to the Present as a Door, Dear Deva's of Mystery, come here to me, Come dear spirits, come and join my company. Free from circles and repetitions,
Living not our past made decisions,
But living what our heart seeks now, Living like a blind god not asking when and how, But doing what he pleases for the sake of truth, his only vow,
I hereby break the spell that binds,
By the spelling of the words in minds
A riddle left out in the open
And unsolved,
The curse that must be lifted
And absolved,
Remove the veils
From Sinners born in sin
Allow them to know the tale
Of their true and divine kin.
We live in darkness, we live in hell,
But need only to awaken from this wicked spell
We all will live in light, all will be well.
The Day we recognise our Paradise, the one we call Hell.
A rainbow clears the skies from grey rain,
As sunshine sparkles and stains
The droplets hanging in the air,
So we may all behold the colour of our souls more clear.


Just A Poem

The sun gently caressing my mortal skin,
Cleansing my mind and soul from every sin,
My mind wandering idly past every possible thought.
Feeling unchallenged and bored this laziness I fought.
I felt restricted and bound to the laws of society,
What behaviour is expected drowns me in total obscurity, Breaking the Restrictions? Heresy and Blasphemy!!!
A minor breach from these invisible chains a tempting notion,
Curious to see what events it might put in motion,
The voice of a Instructor calls out my name.
Putting and end to my small dream, my imaginative game.



Und das Jahr 2000 wird bekannt sein in der Geschichte der Menschheit als der Höchstpunkt des Zeitalters der Ignoranz. Nun steht der Mensch hier und ist bereit in eine neue Periode
der Erleuchtung zu marschieren, doch dieses Ziel ist bloss eines der vielen Wege den der Mensch wählen darf, denn noch nie standen das Ende und der Neuanfang der Menschheit sich so nahe. Jedoch es besteht Hoffnung, denn immer mehr werden sich bewusst dass sie vielem entfremdet worden sind, der Mensch fragt sich: *Nun habe ich alles, doch wo bleibt mein Glück?" Viele dieser Frage dankbar von Leib und Seele, denn sie ist der Beginn des Abenteuers dieses Lebens. So kommen wir dem was uns fremd wurde näher und dem was uns nah geworden war werden wir fremd. Das was uns froh machte, macht uns nun traurig und wir schütteln den kopf, das was wir fürchteten liessen wir nun herein und ein Lächeln entfaltet sich ein
Stück und endlich empfinden wir ein bisschen das vermisste Glück.


Sunsets of Citrine

Within the soul there plays a song,
A song that dances all night long;
While awake and while you dream,
A reality and hallucination it can seem,
To exist in reality and the unreal to be,
It is the watcher and perceiver who saw and can see!
This song sings a tune of mystery true,
It is what you see in the sky's blue,
It is what you hear when you shine,
Where that golden smile becomes your sign,
It is when you are, You,
It plays hide and seek at times it do,
Look past the meadows kissing blue to green,
See the mountains growing wise in sunsets of citrine,
See the ocean playing wild and changing tide,
See it touch the heavens at the horizon where storms abide.


Polarising Unified Words

Written by Tarin at the Library of Empty Books.
I shall tell you a tale,or maybe alie? Truth is after all as deceptive as the truth of knowledge of a lie, runs corners when you peek always seems to hide, we love collecting fragments of it, always wish for it all, but push it in the future to some day evermore, "before death, or after" we say, "I shall have that pretty lore...."

Who is I? Eye gaze in gaze,
The reflection of my face,
Within a mirror lost in daze,
A world begging you the damn questions,
Who are you? Implying What do you like? and What do you do? No answers given just petty suggestions,
Politely to please for it is a question of horrible reflection.
In search of I if you walk the world, as many do living after birth
First you are here then you are there,you move forward on solid earth.
But accept I as being what it is, follow the whispers of a heart in now,
You will stop but the world will begin moving towards you, or so they vow.
Likes and Dislikes, Personalities and Ages
Defined as I these Things that have Changes
Minuscule Parts of a bigger whole,
But hardly playing any big nor important role.
The Ageing I searching with open Eyes for the Ageless I who is peeking from through the Eyes.


Drumming Steed ,Steady Beat

Close your eyes and hear the horses pulse
Left Hand saddled and fitted well,
Whip in the right, a gentle strike,
Leap forward the drumbeat we ride,
Mighty steed does gallop.
Nothing, It can hope to stop
Adept riding angel voices in the sky,
Oh dear Spirit free me from the lie.
And let me ride you to the truth, ever upwards high.
My dear lovely magical steed,
My drum, my bringer of peace,
Whose singing heart thumps strong beats.
Riding the nine worlds, performing impossible feats.
As the old worlds are said to have long died,
Sleipnir once again has arisen and now rides!


Conversations with the Universe 1/3

Cut out the words from several pages of this very book that you are reading, and then threw them into a bag and pulled out a word one by one, writing them down in the order that they popped up. All I did was add punctuation in some places, if I I drew a word that already had a punctuation in front or at the end of it, I kept it as such in the poem.

Living the only chore, to life. Free from. But Living. Over of Life. It reveal shall. Present Itself!
Allow them to you, out with me!
Beginning of magic and bestowed on your company.
Berry wine, his only vow to you.
Dance to You! Spell Paradise, the One!
Like a battle, the tale allowing, that he by old magic, our repetitions control so very fine.
That must be a Riddle! Souls of the Mary’s wonder about sin.
We may! It’s a new! From this decision, grabbing on “Now”, Paradise!
Spirit calling! Flower my mind and Creations, Miracles! Life will show, Intuitions be Truth!


A New Dawn

Bring it On: I am God and I am the Devil. I am Good and I am Bad. I am the Demons of Hell and I am the Angels of Heaven. I am the All and I am One. I am the Alpha and I am the Omega. I am Life and I am Death. I am a Human Being and I am Not. I am Singular and I am Plural. I am the Real and I am the Unreal. The Seen and the Unseen. The Known and Unknown. I am what I define to be, and I am not. I am Chaos and I am Order. I am that I am.

And hereby I declare that I am the Universe. I am You just as You are me. The I is the same and yet your I is all yours the same. I am the one living under authority, and I am the one breaking free and choosing my own Author to be. I am Infinity, I am Creation and Created while I am also the Uncreated. I am noone and nothing and I am the knowing of my unknown nature.

The fool doing the balancing act between Duality on each side, Good on my Left and Bad on my right. The Middle Path so little walked, is the path of which is never talked, where Good and Evil are combined, illusion and separation then subside, not identifying with these the fool realises "I am".


Tears Cracking Stone

One of the many truths of feeling, is the feeling of sadness, true heart felt sadness. Can you feel the sadness of the earth? Can you feel the sadness of mankind? The sadness of all living beings living in this shared realm and in all time and space? We feel love when we feel sadness, it is the tears of the heart that can give growth to kindness, gentleness and loving. Mankind has been growing its sadness to such a degree, that the heart of the world has been diligently watering the seeds that have been dormant. These seeds are about to burst, and gift us with new life and vigour.

Can you feel it?

On those more somber days, where you can hear and feel the many hearts in sadness, tired of what no longer needs be. Allow that sadness to fill your heart, fill it deep, and you will find that soon the only thing you find is love, for love is what all this sadness needs. Love and Truth, so that when the seeds begin bursting open, the new growth will blossom in
strength and beauty.


The Gnosis of Madness

A hidden door
Hides behind a secret place,
Seek entry without false guidance,
Alone you must enter the maze,
A flicker of remembrance, Sanity shuns this space.
Find the lock, for it is the key..
Once you understand you will see.
What is it that keeps you in your cages?
It is not any lie of big men or false sages,
It is the reflecting face,
Upon which rests your gaze.
What is it that makes the rules?
Why is it that we follow and obey?
And allow ourselves to be the prey?
Oh fellow men what great actors you've become!
Lost in your own petty roles, your imagination has you overrun!
The serious frown and never laugh,
Lovers seeking their missing half,
Those that say, I will be small!
And those that try to be more tall.
Grown up children playing carnival,
The policeman wearing his divine overall,
The doctor has become a white gowned sage, a know it all,
Who cures your illness and your pain, yet knows not where from it came.
Just pop the pill it's all the same.
Petty fools and drama queens,
This reality is tearing at its very seams,
Insanity has become the norm,
And it's brewing up the perfect storm.
Was sanity ever there I ask to know?
For where the truth lies there is none to show.
Madness is a gift and blessing of the divine,
It is not the delusions of those acting their improvised line.
Divine Madness will shatter your self and your mind,
It is both loving and fierce, a force of an awesome kind. Divine madness offers wisdom through death,
It kills all you knew and who you thought that you were,
And builds you up again by it's divine breath.
Like a phoenix we then magnificently arise to share;
Rising from the regenerating cleansing fire.
Flying ever infinitely higher and higher.


Liberating Surrender

You can't win the battle over control of life,
but if you surrender to life, life will surrender to you.
And in that love of surrender a flower shall blossom and the beginning of a new paradise will have emerged, it will give birth to real wonder and creation, as you reveal your
mysteries to life, life reveals its mysteries to you.

Magic and wonders, miracles around every corner to behold, dance to the song of life and let go , learn to be the moment, be what you represent and life will present itself to you in all it's beauty and glory.

Know that letting go actually means grabbing on to life.


Fifth Elemental Verse of Thought

I ask you fellow folk abandon your foolish ego self-identification,
It is a nuisance and a trap, a reality needing wise rectification,
It is a wall in which "I" will crash, the wall is Self and the car is "Ego",
The solution is become the wall, realise and become, and come to know,
What it is that you are, you are the spectator and you are the show,
You are the one destined for more than you can in imagination ever bestow,

You are the light and water, air and earth, with spirit combined,
The number 5 is yours and mine, you are the pentagram you'll find,
You are the magician and magic all at once on feet divine, Listen in silence for in chaos abides the world that was before time,
The endless potentialities in infinite worlds most sublime, Hear the cry of eons and gods and worlds long gone,
They reside here forever to be seen never undone,
Let go of the car named ego, let go of it's fear of death,
Let go of it's fear of sanity, stop catching in your chest that breath,
Let go of it's fear of loss, and take a plunge into eternal residence,
In a universe that is you and in which you play part as divine providence,
You are a lost god among men and a man among lost gods,
Now you see there is no hurry, and realise
in your favour stand the odds,
Take the cards and shuffle them with a will of heart about,
Take a deep breath dear adept, chaos will be proud,
As you pull the cards of fate from your deck, toss them out and burn them well,
For it is now up to you to be the author of your destiny and you shall begin to weave the most intricate spell,
The spell of an I that is all that it is, you shall shatter paradigms in many minds,
A typhoon feared for its wise and gentle touch, which the shackles of hearts unbinds.
You are a sun as what you illuminate with your consciousness is transformed,
As reality is undergone the biggest spell in history ever performed!


The Poem of Opposites

I see an idea filled with light
It shines a glow out all bright,
I take it slowly into my Hand,
The idea obscured by a storm of sand,
The glow still there but quite faint,
I proceed and put it into action,
Suddenly it's tainted with massive black paint,
And the idea changes its faction,
An idea once seemingly bright,
Had now become an absorber of light.


On Conditions and Love

True Unconditional Love shines with the Light of the Lightless- Light, it is beyond Dark and Light. True Unconditional Love is that, unconditional, it doesn't love only the positive but also the negative. It doesn't run away from the shadow but integrates it, for trying to run away from your shadow is impossible, every light that shines upon your body casts a shadow. It is fear of it that turns it into a stinking pile of filth and negativity. Ignoring it, and pretending it is not there.

Once it is accepted and integrated and healed, then the heart begins to open and will fill you with true positivity that is unshakeable, and love that has no limits, that sees through all illusions and sees to the very core of things.
Doing this no matter how big the shadow has grown from a person standing in front of you, you will have enough clarity to see the hidden burning bright sun of his soul somewhere behind all of it. And only by being able to see this true core can you help another person move past their shadow. For you will love them even though they seem unlovable to themselves. And that will give them the strength and the gift to begin loving themselves.

Pay heed, loving a person means not being falsely kind. It means always being able to speak the truth even if it hurts the other person. It means being authentic with them and your full true self. Do not fall in the trap at the same time of trying to impose yourself when you have spoken your truth, what they do with that truth is up to them. Live your truth. For Truth is Love. Authenticity is Love.


Black Holes to Our Inner Sun

Have you ever wondered about the silence that lurks within, ever wondered about that nothing that in the present its presence declares? Was it uncomfortable to feel its void, to feel its infinity and its boundlessness?

Well that very emptiness without boundaries, that nothingness with no name, that eternal seer who is ever present and touched by no thing, that infinite mysterious presence is actually made entirely of Love. It is made of the lightless-light. It is that which you truly are, yet we fear its power, we fear its lack of definitions; we fear it not being able to grasp it with our mind.

But you can only run from yourself for so long, that fearful mind will be shattered to dust, silence will come over you with ferocity undeniably and all that you have held on to will slip away when death finally comes knocking at the door.

Plunge into that void while still alive, and know this that it is a black hole out of which you reemerge the other side. Stripped naked and bare, yet restored to full divinity and power.


Veritas Amorandi

Truth and Love are not two separate things, they are merely two differing perspectives of the same thing. To experience Love necessitates understanding, understanding creates unity by decreasing intolerance. To feel love is to be living in truth, for the truth is that everything is everything and nothing is separate, and the more we release the barriers in our mind, the greater the love expands in our heart with the realisation that nothing is separate.

Every negative emotion or thought is born from a seed of misunderstanding, it comes from a place of separation where hate or dislike and intolerance can form in view of the differences perceived. But to those who seek to live in truth, they choose to live in non- judgment, and with that comes the gift of understanding, compassionate tolerance, and a sense of connection and love that grows to fit the size of all that one has achieved to unite and free from separation. Truth is Love and Love is Truth.



Oh Tranquility, it is you I seek,
Tired of the empty words they speak!
How I wish I could spread my wings,
Soar the sky while moonlight sings,
As the stars blink with forgotten hope;
How I wish i could climb that hidden rope,
Into that magical world of peace and calm,
To look into elven eyes of mystical charm,
To see mages play with elements of flame,
In a world where all are valued equally same.
How I wish to step through that forgotten door,
Wherein lay all the universes secrets in store,
To feel my soul grow wiser evermore,
when feeding upon that long-sought lore.
Oh Tranquility, it is you I seek,
Whom so many of wrongly speak


Solid Maya

Many people are in search of god, trying to find out what god is, who he is, or whether he is. It's a pointless question, since most people asking it haven't even found out who and what they are themselves.

The truth dances, shifts and changes, he who claims to have found it has made it static and hence lost it. He who clings on to a static fixed truth, is turning it into a lie. This is why those that believe the lie fear the truth, but those that take the truth by the hand and let it shift and change, who dance along with it are those that will ascend up to ever- increasing heights.


Raven, Sacred Call of Fire

I am Raven, Bird of Noble Black.
I am Akarin, Wise Dragon of Brilliant White.
I am Depths unknown, without any lack,
I am Infinity inside, filled with knowing light.
Rise, rise, rise, from this burning fire,
Heal, heal, heal, hidden wounds of old,
Burn, burn, burn, things holding back in this holy pyre,
Feel, feel, feel, heart turning warm from this deathly cold.
I am the beginning and the end,
I am straight crooked short long and bent.
I am darkness and I am light,
I am Ice embracing Fire tight. ́
Laugh, laugh, laugh, at the cosmic joke,
Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, come here share a toke,
Be, be, be, the master of who you may be,
See, see, see, you are not separate from that grand mystery.
I call to you be that which you may be,
I call to you as equal, awake now and see!
I am Raven, Bird of Noble Black.
I am Akarin, Wise Dragon of Brilliant White.
I am Depths unknown, without any lack,
I am Infinity inside, filled with knowing light.


Conversations with the Universe 2/3

Cut out the words from few pages of this very book that
you are reading, and then threw them into a bag and pulled out a word one by one. All I did was add punctuation to certain words.

Perception life, will the song, let go, to life.
Allow them berry wine, to present itself.
A rainbow clears wonder, beginning of surrender clear.
Hanging in to know his only vow.
Can’t my mind please and come here to the left so very fine? Life reveals: “Spirits are my blind.”
We may! Spirit calling emerged it.
But doing introspection Mary’s Mysteries to recognise. Breaking, grabbing on repetitions, repetitions, control the mind.
But living out in the open from this , The Curse.
A new! That must mean it’s made with the heart.
A riddle come around paradise, it’s what you will
Grey rain, what hour? and in me.
And circles company, That is Hell.


Pachamama Speaks

Mother Earth told me today, not to confuse feeling with emotion. She said while both are tightly linked to one another, emotion is often a manifestation of mind, while feeling runs deeper in the soul. Connect with feeling and with your heart, emotion is a strong energy that rides in a certain direction, it is blind to anything but itself,feeling is open to all.

I also asked her what my purpose was.
She answered that she couldn't give a reply, since that is her gift to us, the gift of being able to discover it by ourselves and to shape our own purpose.
Her gift is the gift of Becoming


Conversations with the Universe 3/3

Cut out the words from several pages of this very book that
you are reading, and then threw them into a bag and pulled out a word one by one. I just added punctuation to certain words.

Leads in Hell, berry wine, for Spell.
Repetitions, Paradise! That by old Magic in Darkness remove the Veils, Hell!
That must Come! I hereby break the only chore. Allow them grey rain, made abstract.
Recognise in wispy smoke, past spirits are my colour. The skies, what HE spells is not wicked! How?
OUT! But not when be well. Be Lifted in minds, the One!
In Sin they’re clear. Awaken! Spirit Calling.
But doing, Living. The Droplets blind, from this.
Wise for the “we may”; We live so upon a Riddle.


-Rᴀᴠᴇɴᴋɪɴɢ, Sᴇʀᴠᴀɴᴛ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ Vᴇʀᴅᴀɴᴛ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ

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