The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan


Tuesday, contest time.

And who is watching Bitcoin? I was just too busy this week actually surprising myself at how well Hive has rallyed up. In addition, Bitcoin was not really very cooperative to go up, although Ethereum seems to have found the accelerator today.

Back to Hive! Who laughs when @raymondspeaks or @taskmaster4450 says “Soon Hive $5!” again. Suddenly it seems so much more likely that it will indeed happen, but other than that… the most surprising thing is that I got used to a Hive above 2 dollars so quickly! As if it's always been this way...while on November 18 we saw another Hive under $1! Just absurd when you realize that!

Anyway, last week it wasn't about how much 1 Hive would be worth, we looked at SUPER from the project SUPERfarm.

Now I have become curious whether this coin has done as well as our own Hive last week, although I think it is a bit of a shame that Leo does not seem to want to follow Hive's example for the time being.


Coinmarketcap shows me a price of $1.5514 on November 26 at 12 noon. And the closest one with his prediction this week is;



How the heck you came up with this username is a mystery to me, but that doesn't make the congratulations any less sincere. Congratulations on behalf of @lbi-token and the 5 LBI you won will be sent to your Hive-Engine wallet as soon as possible!

The new Contest

That makes it time for this week's new contest. Since I devoted an entire blog to Kadena yesterday, you will of course understand that this week's question is about Kadena.

What is 1 Kadena (KDA) worth this Friday December 3, 2021 at 12:00 noon Central European Time?

As usual, I'd love to see your answers here as a comment, and let's all hope this (Hive) bull run continues for a while. After all, we are far from $100,000 Bitcoin!

Have a nice week everyone, keep it cool, stay safe out there and I'll see you again this weekend!


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