200 HP Delegated- Enjoy 1/4 Pan Of Pizza Everyday



Yummy.... Yummy.. I like pizza. I was interested in pizza tips on my comments. I sometimes earn a piece of pizza. I think it is 1/10 pan pizza. Eating a small portion makes me more addicted to pizza.
I tried to visit @hive.pizza and some posts about pizza. I thought I needed a bigger pizza every day. I was not sure what my portions would be.
I have around 700 HP. I have 100 HP set aside for delegating to pizza.I waited for a day. I got a reward of around 0.13 pizza for my hive-engine wallet. Oh.. no, I am still hungry for a bigger portion of pizza. I decided to increase my HP delegation to pizza. And the next day, I got 1/4 pan of pizza.

Pizza makes me addicted

I plan to increase my daily portion of pizza to 1 in the near future. I have 700 HP. 400 HP is delegated to the ASEAN hive community. I will not remove the delegation. I still have the rest of the power of about 100 HP. I will wait until the HP is 150. I will increase my HP delegation to pizza 300 HP. I think I need a few more days to get the HP to grow.

Why Do I Want More Pizza

Pizza token demand is quite high in the hive-engine marketplace. The daily trading volume is above $100. It is quite liquid for a tipping token. Besides that, the pizza token developer is very active. You can read the pizza roadmap. Around 22 project goals have been achieved by the developer team.

Every day, I want one pan of pizza.

That is my goal in the future. I need 1 pan of pizza every day from various methods. Another way to earn pizza is by staking pizza tokens. To get 1 pan of pizza, I should delegate around 800 HP. To get 800 HP, I should have 600 more HP. 600 more HP is not an easy task. I am not sure how much I will get from the pizza token staking. Do you have any ideas for a 100 pizza staked token? Please tell me how many pizzas I should stake to make 1 pan of pizza daily from hive.pizza.