Check POB Liquidity

Let's check POB liquidity in the pool. POB has three pairs of liquidity pools. They are POB : Swap.Hive, Swap.BTC : POB and Cent: POB.

POB : Swap.Hive$208.58
POB Market$80

The total liquidity of POB in the pool and market is around $2,632. For crypto development, it is far from ideal. The liquidity is under $5,000. It is very easy to get dumped or pumped.
POB holders can lose their value if they sell all their total assets. It is a note for hive-engine token developers. Liquidity is very important to build trust.
There should be some economic activities aside from a reward system for authors and curators. POB should be valued as currency for the payment ecosystem. That makes crypto alive. There are hundreds of crypto tokens outside Hive networks that are dead. Those tokens have no value other than making money. On the other hand, the money that backs up a token is a low liquidity token. It is thin air that is backing up. The token is ready to burst like a bubble.
It is different from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, ETH and other big crypto assets. All those cryptos are used as money. There are many merchants that accept them. When will many merchants accept hive-engine tokens?


Liquidity is an important factor for the asset to keep is value and trust. The POB is pretty stable lately!