Do Cryptocurrencies Have Zero Value?



In his recent paper, "Bitcoin, Currencies, and Fragility," published in late June, Taleb, a probability researcher and former longtime quantitative trader, says bitcoin is worth "exactly zero" partly because it requires a sustained amount of interest to maintain it.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a New York University professor and author, said that bitcoin had zero value.
Everyone is free to give an opinion, but the facts will tell the truth. Since bitcoin became popular, many economists, politicians, investors, and professors have commented on similar points of view about bitcoin. Bitcoin here represents all cryptocurrencies.

Do you believe that bitcoin has zero value? Alright, this is my personal opinion. Bitcoin has no zero value, despite the fact that there is no physical asset to back it up.Here is the logical reason why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have value.

Creating bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not free. Miners and stakeholders invest heavily in tools and energy.Thus, the premier back up of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is tools and energy.

High-spec computers are needed to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Even so, bitcoin mining needs a high amount of energy, which causes environmental activists to criticize bitcoin miners. Stake holders need to buy more coins to mine proof of stake coins.
There is a first batch of investors that make bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have value. In this case, I would like to say that the backup of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is tools and energy.

In Hive, there are four parties that become the backup assets. They are witnesses, stakeholders, authors, and developers. The ecosystem is getting stronger with the innovation in smart contracts. That is why Hive is impossible to have a zero value.

Should we follow what the experts, economists, and professors say about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? They have nothing to do with bitcoin or cryptocurrency. They have no contribution to this world, and there are no reasons to trust and follow them. They care about their jobs and money.

They do not care about the millions of unbanked people. Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem are a protest against all those kinds of economists, investors, politicians, and other experts. **We all acknowledge their expertise, but we do not follow them. **