Loyalty Customer Program -A Possible Hive Based Project In Offline World


Most cryptocurrency projects still focus on digital work and asset development. I can only imagine how much more Hive-based projects could contribute to non-digital projects.

Why Hive and not other cryptocurrencies?

Hive is a social cryptocurrency. In the future, social cryptocurrencies will be more compliant with regulations because their account holders can be tracked easily. Having a hive wallet enables one to accept many cryptocurrencies with a zero fee. Making small fractions of transactions is possible. Hive wallet is more economical than a bank wallet on a mobile phone. Making small transactions in a bank wallet will get charged a few cents in fees.

Another reason is that, making transactions with a Hive wallet is not complicated. Users will also not be afraid of sending balances to the wrong account address because the account in Hive is based on name or initial. It is different from Ethereum, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The account names in those cryptocurrencies consist of more than 30 combinations of numbers and alphabets. They are difficult to identify.

Why a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty program projects are possible in offline life.

Why Loyalty programs

Giving rewards to customers who purchase some products in stores, coffee shops, or courses. Customers will earn a rebate in Hive or Hive engine tokens. In my opinion, the customers earn the existing tokens that have high liquidity in the market will be more attractive than creating new tokens. The benefit of a loyalty program can give double profit to the sellers and customers. Sellers will have loyal customers, while customers will earn reward liquid tokens that can be exchanged for cash or discounts. Besides that, Hive will be more popular with the public.

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Educating new users is very important. Having a Hive account is not only for blogging but also for storing cryptocurrency assets. Currently, most Hive users think of having a Hive account to earn money from blogging. This is a stereotype that has become an obstacle to the growth of Hive. Some cryptocurrency users will be reluctant to have a hive account or wallet because they will get no money from blogging. In fact, the Hive wallet enables storing some cryptocurrency assets and creating some projects and developments.

What possible merchants that can use Hive loyalty programs?

  • Coffee shops
    There are millions of coffee shops in the world. They are potential clients that can use Hive loyalty programs. Most coffee shop visitors are young people who are friendly on social media.
  • Courses
    Courses are possible for clients too. Students who take courses will be enrolled in the institution for an extended period of time.It is possible to educate and introduce Hive loyalty programs to the students.
  • Restaurants
    Restaurants need loyal customers. By giving rewards in Hive or Hive engine tokens, customers have the opportunity to earn rewards by having dinner.
  • Other stores
    You may have more ideas about what stores are possible with the loyalty program based on Hive.


Hive is a social media cryptocurrency. Having a Hive wallet is not only for blogging but also for storing cryptocurrency assets. Hive enables making small transactions with zero fees. Loyalty programs will make Hive more popular with the public.