The Bear Is Around - POB Price Week IV June 2022


Hive price climbs up slowly. Today, it is $0.413. I hope the price will shift to $0.5 next week. The Bitcoin price looks stable at $20 K. You just need to monitor the BTC price to predict the Hive price.

In the hive-engine market, POB was traded at higher volume than last week. The volume increased 225% from the previous week. However, the price decreased by 24.8%. That is not bad. I hope there will be more buyers in the coming weeks.

WEEK IV DEC0.0447$0.0689$181
WEEK I JAN0.0409$0.0572$188
WEEK II JAN0.052$0.0692$88
WEEK III JAN0.0441$0.0406$212
WEEK IV JAN0.0501$0.0478$213
WEEK I FEB0.031$0.034$185
WEEK II FEB0.027$0.0303$40
WEEK III FEB0.034$0.035$39
WEEK IV FEB0.031$0.0299$275
WEEK I MARCH0.031$0.0290$98
WEEK II MARCH0.023$0.02$58
WEEK III MARCH0.0213$0.0183$58
WEEK IV MARCH0.025$0.024$42
WEEK I APR0.023$0.029$90
WEEK II APR0.0201$0.019$54
WEEK III APR0.02$0.0189$104
WEEK IV APR0.02$0.0184$30
WEEK I MAY0.023$0.0197$26
WEEK IB MAY0.018$0.014$67
WEEK II MAY0.01870.0089
WEEK III MAY0.0270.012992
WEEK IV MAY0.0230.011159
WEEK I JUNE0.02550.0137$27
WEEK II JUNE0.02540.0128$25
WEEK III JUNE0.01930.00739$12
WEEK IV JUNE0.01450.00589$32

How to earn POB token?

You can earn in different ways:

  • Earn POB from your Hive posts. You need to add hashtag # POB and # proofofbrain.
  • Earn from curation.
    You need to have POB power your hive-engine wallet. The greater your power, the higher the reward is.
  • Earn from providing liquidity in the diesel pool.
    You can park your liquid assets in Hive or Cent. You will earn a reward daily for parking your asset. The pool pair is Swap.Hive :POB or Cent:POB.

You can also sell your NFT in the POB NFT page. You can sell your photos, digital art, and videos. You need to spend 1000 POB to be the author. After that, you can sell your NFT in the marketplace.
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it.


POB is still one of the best performing alt-coins. The fundamentals look good so I keep accumulating.

Unfortunately, I think most investors feel burned by all the drama and the huge price drop that has affected the coin. I fear that are many users who simply want to dump their POB and VYB ... which is sad.

Of course I am still holding PAY, BLOG and TIX along with a plethora of coins on STeem-Engine.

IT is all going to comeback some day



oh TIK I do not know the coin


TIX is for the Traffic Insider Tribe or the #trafficinsider tag. I never figured out the focus of the tribe.

The coin has a very shallow distribution. There are a few accounts which seem to upvote each other's posts. The accounts on the trending page get tens of thousands of coins for each post ... but they are always the same accounts.

I guess you have to be an insider to get the votes.

The TIX coin trades at 0.00000096 HIVE.