Why HE Based Blogging Tokens Do Grow Well?

If you log in to your hive-engine wallet, you will receive tens of tokens. Some of them are based on a blogging reward system. The tokens run on the second layer of Hive. They are the rewards that follow hive posts.
My question is: why do some of the HE based blogs not grow well?
In my opinion, there are some reasons why the tokens are not interesting for Hive users.

  • The developers do not write clear roadmaps.There are many tokens (white paper) are only explained in a post. There is no clear purpose for the tokens.
  • A few token developers change the reward system without the user's consent. I will not mention the name of the token. The reward value changes many times without the approval of the users.
  • The number of tokens The total number of tokens is a problem for market liquidity. The developers own the biggest share. It is not fair for investors. - Fake market volume There are tokens that are faked in the market. It is an indication of greedy developers.
  • The developers do not recruit Hive users to promote the token. The developers are too greedy. They do not want to create a team to promote the tokens and share the revenue with the promoters.
  • Pump and dump Some tokens look like pump-and-dump tokens. It is very easy to see the market characteristics because HE trading volume is still low.
    Those are my opinions about why HE tokens based on blogging do not grow well.