Is it healthy to drink clean water free of minerals?



There is water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. You think you've heard it before, recalling those revolting pictures of survivors of earthquakes, tidal waves, torrential rain, and flood. No. Everyone believes that — from Australia to Iceland, from Hawaii to San Francisco, people are afraid to drink water from any source. Filtered water sends the message that it is 100 percent pure, free of bacteria and other harmful chemicals, and is thus considered safe to drink.


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Thirst refers to our body's desire for water. An introduction of water extinguishes it.

Is it necessary to use filtered water that hasn't been tampered with?

Why not a few minerals and salts? Why not strive to eradicate the presence of life-saving minerals? The proclivity for drinking pure water has been questioned by a number of experts conducting research on human health. They claim that siphoning minerals without attempting isn't necessary or usual. Is it genetically programmed for our bodies to recognize pure water? Is it true that pure water is beneficial to our health? These are the questions that many scholars are asking right now.

In many agricultural nations, pure filtered water is becoming the most profitable industry. The people of these countries, who used to carry their drinking water (often collected from communal wells) or drink straight from the water taps in train stations, have been brainwashed into believing that only pure water in bottles is safe to drink.

Supported investigations on networks drinking rare sources of water, such as the famous Hunza water, reveal that Hunza locals have been pleased with this water for 150 years. Other studies have focused on the importance of water on Hunza's life span and various traits.

Natural water sources as examples

It has been noticed that the mythical Hunza, as well as the springs of Lourdes, the well of Mexico, the Nordeneau Caves in Germany, and the Indian Nadana springs, go through an ionization process as they pass through the soil. These fluids have been shown to be one of the best cell reinforcements, filled with hydrogen and charged in the opposite direction. As a result, water containing various minerals has been shown to be beneficial to the human body.


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As long as our bodies desire for water continues, arguments for and against pure filtered water will continue. Suggestions for and against filtered water will continue to flourish indefinitely, depending on the outcomes of ongoing studies.


I was taught that if you drink pure H2O, your body will take the fluid, but it will strip some of the minerals your body needs; whereas if you have water with minerals, your body accepts it much better. That's why you shouldn't drink distilled water, but spring water...alkalinity is also important to keep our body's ph balance in check...