We’re All Our Own Prisons


Consider a person who is jailed. He or she has been sent to live in jail and will remain there until death.

What could possibly inspire someone like this? What do these persons hope to achieve in their lives?


Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

We are sometimes held captive by our own ideas and past actions. There's nothing on the horizon for us. All we have are memories. At the very least, we can do something about the situation, but the prisoners are powerless. At times, life may be gloomy. In such circumstances, how do we get inspiration?

What does it mean to be inspired?

The word ‘inspiration,' as it is usually understood, refers to a state of mind that motivates us to work cheerfully, strive for objectives, and feel positive about ourselves.

How do you get from inside the jail cell?

When we are not motivated and unable to create objectives, we feel powerless and incapable to accomplish anything. The first approach would be to look for stories of people like Helen Keller who overcome adversity to achieve success. That will give us the impression that things aren't so awful. With this thinking, we shall unlock at least one door to our jail.

Then go back in time in your mind. Consider times when you felt good about yourself due to accomplishments. It might be something insignificant. Anything. For example, in your second year of school, coming first in your class, or receiving a positive comment from an instructor for an article or a mathematics solution.

Now it's time to start counting your benefits

Do you have a heart that works? Do you see what I mean? Are you able to hear me? Do you have a sense of smell? Are your hands in good shape, and etc. Are you willing to sell your eyeballs for any amount? No! Who claimed you didn't have any money? Isn't it true that you are a lucky man who is completely oblivious of his or her fortune and gratefulness? Another door will be opened as a result of this.


Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash


Consider what aims you would wish to accomplish to access the very last door. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Begin making preparations. Consider your options. Make contact with others. Prepare yourself for a lengthy battle, but with the solid belief that you will succeed. This will free you from the cage of your thoughts and transform you into a new fighter.

Prepare to go forward. You're on your way to become a champ!