Meds Are Not Always Life Saver

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Meds are not always life saver and it could be reason of death if we don’t apply it accurately. Overdose of meds could be reason of unexpected death and can snatched away a valuable life. Actually I've experienced the negative side of medicine and it was not overdose, it was wrongly prescribed by a doctor.

She was near 45 years and a diabetic patient. She was depending on medicine and after trying almost all kind of medicine, some of medicine stop working on her body and when a doctors prescribed a new dose, it doesn’t suit her body and she forcefully tried the medicine to suit her body, as a result she experienced an unexpected death.

This happened to my beloved mom and her sudden unexpected death became the lifetime lesson for us. Whenever I fall sick when season start changing, I don't take medicine and try home remedies as much possible. It may takes time to recover but at least I'm not depending on meds for recovering from seasonal diseases and flues. I prefer eating healthy foods to avoid probable diseases. For example, yesterday I bought some oranges and grapes as fruits help us preventing several diseases. As we know prevention is better than cure so I always try to follow this.

We should take medicine as much necessary and we shouldn’t depend on it. Medicine is also known as drug and some overdoes of medline can work as drug in our body. Drug is a kind of addiction and we start depending on it which can be harmful for our life. Many people I saw depending on medicine and it become their life supporter. I've lost the most valuable person in my life for the overdose of medicine. Everything excess is bad and it same about medicines, better we start with a small dose and don’t try any medicine for long time like an addiction to drug. That's all I wanted to say and take it as a health remainder post about medicine. I'm not against medicine, I'm against over dose of it.