War With The Demon Inside

The most difficult war in this world is self war. Believe it or not, many of us lose over the demon inside and we become a beast instead being a human. Self control from bad deeds is a kind of war that usually we win.

For example, suddenly we are craving for sweets and we can afford to buy it too but doctor forbids eating sweet. The demon inside us will force us eating sweet and we ate it. We lose and demon inside us win. Winning over the demon inside us is the biggest win and appreciated by religions.

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Sometimes we are so helpless to help oneself staying away from evil deeds and we become a demon. After losing the self war when we feel guilty and wish to punish ourselves, its already too late. Sometimes we promise ourself not to repeat the evil deeds but again we lose and lost self control. It happened to me many times and I lose the war.

A real human never let the demon win inside them and they become the real winners in life. Yesterday I went for a walk and I was not hungry but I was greedy to food so I bought wherever I love to eat. After eating I was feeling over eating as a result I vomited. Can't digest and also can't resist, feel like I'm feeding the demon inside me.

Maybe I'm not alone who lose over the demon inside me but I want to be someone who can control the demon inside me and will do things necessary for me. Demon inside insist me doing unnecessary and sinful activities and it lesser the self-esteem too. I may decide not to repeat evil deeds but I become helpless when I've strong desire for evil deeds and I allow the demon inside me win.

My disease is my own concern and I only can find a way to solve this issue that often become out of control. Self control is the best thing we do ever in our life and I want this in me always. No human being want to be a demon intentionally but it happen to us and we feel guilty when its already late.

I wish we all may defeat the demon inside us and become a good human being forever.