When Mind Stop Working On Deadlines

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Is this happen to anyone else? It should happen more than once for nervous people. Add me one of them. I'm very nervous, less confident, and when do hurry spoil almost everything. I know I'm not alone but what's the future of this type of person? Does they can bring development in their personal finance or career?

Deadlines are not for all. Some people become used to it because they go through it maximum time or they practiced for a long time. My mind stop working on deadlines so I skipped jobs that give me deadly deadlines. Few deadlines are fine for slow workers too but most of the short time deadline increase the palpitation of nervous people like me.

To be honest I don't consider this as my lacking, even I can make it strength like I take time for building or making something good or innovative. I often go through bad dreams like I'm reaching late for the exam and I couldn’t finish my paper before deadline. I'm a teacher, no longer a student now but I still get scared and sweated in my dreams by thinking about missing the exam to attend. I don't even like deadline jobs so I always choose low paid long term jobs instead choosing high paid deadline jobs.

This is not like choosing comfort or ease, this is to make the work with zero mistake or error. Many experts even get confused to perform as perfect in deadly deadlines and this is very natural for we human being. We are not programmed like device so we can't show always accuracy with zero mistake. But still their are many people prefer having jobs in deadline to make more money. And I appreciate their efforts.

Nothing to feel down because we can't be perfect even we may try our whole life. We make mistakes and learn from it. We are not machine, we can't be perfect but without deadline jobs has less chances to lose complete accuracy. Deadline is a kind of headache and it become stressful when we work on deadlines for long time without any break.

Our mind stop working on deadlines when we are not used to it and find it full of stress.