Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Animated Corpse

Hello everyone, it's me again on another Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge. People are getting excited on the general sale of the Chaos Legion pack, especially that it won't require (unless you're after the bonus packs) the VOUCHER tokens to buy the card packs. On another note, while we have that excitement on the new cards to be added into the battle arenas, let's not forget those classic cards that we have love to use and enjoy during the early days of Splinterlands. One of which is our feature card for the challenge this week... the Animated Corpse.

The Card

Animated Corpse is an Common Death Splinter card from the Alpha and Beta Edition. It has 2 melee attack monster with a health of 6 (Level 1).

Pros and Cons

During the early days of Splinterlands, like many other players, I use this card in most battles especially in the LITTLE LEAGUE ruleset. Its 4 mana cost, plus 2 melee attacks make it a good choice for a tank monster. However, in the Death Splinter, the most popular tank monster is the Haunted Spirit, most likely because of its regenerative ability. In saying that, Animated Corpse can be a good alternative for those battle rules that Haunted Spirit is on a disadvantaged position, like the NO HEALING ruleset. In the old days too, Animated Corpse is also a popular pick (especially when again, Haunted Spirit is not a choice) for the EQUALISER ruleset. Its six health can boost other monsters' health like Undead Priest and Haunted Spider... those cards that were released the same time as the Animated Corpse.

However, through time, I think it has become much less popular to be used in battles, especially with the arrivals of new cards from other editions, even with the new sets of rewards cards. Haunted Spirit is still a popular choice for the tank monster but there are other cards that became a better alternative than Animated Corpse, like Phantasm, Nightmare, and Undead Rexx. Again, these options depend on the specific rulesets of every game and the corresponding mana allocation. Still, Animated Corpse is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, belonging to the Alpha and Beta editions has its advantage. Like traditional card games, those cards released in early edition can command an increased selling price, much like a collector's item, and I believe Animated Corpse is no exemption.

General Strategy

Like last week's featured card Defender of Truth, Animated Corpse is a card you'll not see frequently in battles, at least when more and more new cards came out. It is still usable though, especially when you stumble the LITTLE LEAGUE ruleset, coupled with the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY or the MELEE MAYHEM ruleset. It can be use likely on lower leagues like the BRONZE league, but when you climb up to the SILVER league where most battles give more mana allowances, chances are this card will be benched and instead, other cards with substantial abilities or attack damage will deployed in the lineup.

Still, let's see if we can find a match where we can say we have used it the way we usually have it before. Let's see how it will perform in an actual battle.

The Line Up

Summoner - Drake of Arnak

  • Slot 1 - Animated Corpse
  • Slot 2 - Gargoya Devil
  • Slot 3 - Dark Astronomer
  • Slot 4 - Twisted Jester
  • Slot 5 - Grim Reaper
  • Slot 6 - Octopider

Explanation of the lineup
When I was presented who to battle against it, I immediately notice that my opponent has been using just the Life Splinter and by the looks of it, it seems that this is a bot account, especially the opponent username is also a takeaway. Even so, I tried to remain my usual self as if I am going against an actual human manual player. My only assumption this time is that the enemy will again be using the Life Splinter for his/her team.

For my summoner, this is a bit of a mishap. I chose Drake of Arnak in the hope of using some dragon cards as part of my lineup. However, I then realized that I don't have any useful dragon card for this battle. But instead of changing my summoner right away, after choosing it, I spent most of my time deciding which cards will comprise the rest of the team until I ran out of time to change my summoner, hence, the choice.

Also, let me tell you guys that the rulesets for this battle are BACK TO BASICS and LOST MAGIC. These make using Animated Corpse feasible, I just need to back it up with enough supporting monsters for the kill. As being said, I used Animated Corpse as my tank creature.

I then decided that for the rest of my team, I will use creatures with ranged attacks. I am aware that once the Animated Corpse dies, the one next in line won't be able to attack in the tank position, but I am willing to take the risk. This is because I know that even if he/she will use Tyrus Paladium as the summoner, it won't provide additional shield because of the ruleset. Hence, all I need is a good set of attackers at the back.

Next is Gargoya Lion. I decided to put this in the second slot because of its shield. At the same time, the Dark Astronomer is slower than the Gargoya so I think it will make more sense to put the Gargoya first. As a matter of practice, I always put the Twisted in slots 4-6 (unless the battle has a much lower mana allocation cost).

Grim Reaper and Octopider are actually my stealth bombers, with their 3 ranged attack damage. I am sure they will be safe for quite some time because no creature ability will be available to attack them while other creatures still occupy the tank position.

That's it. The main strategy is, put as much attack damage on the creature in the tank position in the enemy line, and with the BACK TO BASICS ruleset, I have a positive feeling on an imminent victory.

The Match Up


Even at the start of the battle, I already know that I will game the match, precisely because my opponent did not take into consideration that most of his creatures are only useful with their abilities, but since those are technically void in this battle, my creatures have the greater advantages of throwing attacks one after the other.

Check the battle below.

Watch The Battle

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment and leave your feedback.

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