The joy of living a simple life

Fuente by Melissa Askew

Greetings to all my friends, how good it is to share information and write posts with you on this platform, today for the first time in this great minimalist community and although I have a little time without writing I have always been pending and remember practical tips that we get through the posts that we exchange through this medium, I hope to continue with you supporting you and that you also support me.

this time I want to write about an interesting topic and it is: living in a simple way.

Because he who is simple and not ostentatious always earns the respect of people and treats others with respect because he wants to be treated the same and the simple person shows it in many ways and even as is the way he dresses and how he conducts business at home, people realize why he does not think he is better than others for the things he has, rather he is helpful and nice to people who frequent him and is aware of them for their good and anything makes him happy and enjoys it.

And that is the way I like to live, of course I want to have my comforts, but not to acquire so many things that my house is filled with many objects that in the end are things that are not necessary, I like to have my house with only the necessary things, things for example my bed my closet a small refrigerator a dining room in this case a small table with 4 chairs, I do not like to have many clothes so I like to always leave the most used and also shoes and many devices that do is subtract space to my house for me if I have my house clear I feel inside my certain peace.

Fuente by tu tu

One thing that causes me a lot of stress is to have a messy house with many household appliances and many other things that often do is to get in the way, it makes me throw everything away immediately and there are many times I have done it, in fact something I do not like is that someone brings me something they want to get rid of to accumulate it in my house, I always let my family know.

On the one hand it is good not to have many things because when you have to move you do not have to carry so much weight and as many people live rented or pay rent, at the time of leaving the house or handing it over you do not have to move many things and, on the other hand, you live clearer and simpler, this certainly influences how we feel too.

Fuente by Paul Hanaoka

When people visit me in my house I like to serve them well, although this is in a simple way, I do it with love and several friends tell me that they feel at ease, I do not like to appear for the things I have or draw attention, for this I see better not to have many things at home, so I do not think about having things that I have left at home I like to have my living room clear as well as my rooms and bathrooms.

But I don't belabour anyone to do the same as me because everyone has their own way of doing things, there are people who like to have a lot of things at home, but my attention is to be comfortable and calm among simplicity and not being a hoarder.

Thank you for listening to me and that with these words many of you are happy because I know you care about us and are pending why we were not writing for that reason, greetings to all take care always we love you from your friends liliayjuvenal.

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