BTC into another bullrun!

From morning the market of crypto start to be green and especially BTC as it pumped more than +5% within few hours .. You guys might seen the news too about why this happening suddenly in crypto market .. Well there has two reason behind this especially such as Elon tweet about btc again and Tanzania accepted cryto currency in their country .. This two news effect mostly in crypto market as far as I can predict ..

What was the tweet of Elon this morning?

Well, at morning he tweeted that he will accept bitcoin again as payment system of Tesla once Bitcoin mining gonna be done by 50% renewable energy that is EI Salvadar doing now. This is the news which impact much in crypto market from the morning .. Here is the screenshot of his tweet:


Second news was about Tanzania govt accept crypto currency!

From many days Africa continent facing crypto news though most of them are now into crypto currency trading and investment so in this case Tanzania also not leg behind so they are taken huge step behind this to accept crypto currency for it citizen for better facilities .. Because we may seen soon that Tanzania have it own centralized exchange where people will exchange their crypto with less risk .. Here is the official Instagram picture of Tanzania accept crypto :


Also I forget to point out another news that Paul Tudor said Bitcoin is good for keep in .. This is why he want to keep 5% worth wealth in bitcoin which effect much into crypto market too recently ..

This is the reason why BTC went from $35000 to $41000 within few hours .. Few days back btc were unable to break down the resistance place of $40000 but look today within few hours what had happen with crypto market ..

So should not we take it as sign of another bull run and we may see btc into another high price peak ..

What is your thought guys ?

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