Give me the guideline !!

I know this is Leo finance platform but my question will be about HIVE blog .. Look at this picture and there has some HIVE which i want to transfer into my Binance account but i am confused to understand what recipient address i should put there .. the binance HIVE deposite address or what .. again what will be the transaction cost ? I heard HIVE transaction fee is 0.00$..

Give me proper answer guys!!!

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The deposit address of Binance for Hive tokens used to be @deepcrypto8

make a double check is this is still valid , not changed

Since everyone is sending their deposits to the same one address, it is very important to put a correct personal recognition "label" in the MEMO window. other wise tokens will be lost

What exactly is you personal "label", you can find by connecting to your Binance account, and then going to DEPOSIT section.

There you will see every info you need - deposit address, personal "label"
And in case when you deposit other coins but Hive - even more important info.
Like ERC20 and BSC tokens may have vARIUOS SPECIFIC variations, which must be considered.

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