🌱Hashkings Giveaway #14🌱, Free Hashkings Water - HKWATER TOKEN 💰💦. winner of the day and new giveaway

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Today we announce the result of the Ninth Giveaway of Hashkings water where played on 06/06/2021 and that closed 06/13/2021 at 03:00 UTC

Hoy anunciamos el resultado del noveno Giveaway de agua de Hashkings donde publicado el 07/06/2021 y que cerró el 13/06/2021 a las 03:00 UTC

🌟Ganador del Giveaway #9🌟/

🌟 Winner of giveaway #9🌟



This post opens the #14 Hashkings water Giveaway, 500 HKWATER tokens that you can trade or use to plant seeds in the lands of Hashkings, the Cannabis farm simulator based on NFT and Tokens🌱 developed by @ Al-gaming , sign up here in the game https://farm.hashkings.app/signup, it's free.🌈

Con este post se abre el décimo cuarto Giveaway de agua de Hashkings, 500 tokens de HKWATER que podrás comerciar o usar para plantar semillas en las tierras de Hashkings, el simulador de granja de Cannabis basado en NFT y Tokens🌱 desarrollado por @Al-gaming, regístrate aquí en el juego https://farm.hashkings.app/signup , es gratis.🌈


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🎲Participa en todos mis sorteos abiertos, regalo 500 HKWATER tokens por sorteo/

🎲Participate in all my open draws, I give away 500 HKWATER tokens per draw

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📌No olvides de seguir esta cuenta para participar /

📌Do not forget to follow this account to participate https://hive.blog/@linkxdx

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