When You Multistream It is Important to Log In and Connect to All the Platforms


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Today I used or at least tried to use OBS and Restream to stream my video here and a couple other platforms.
I really enjoy being able to use this technology to repurpose my videos and content.
Too bad I didn’t connect to the other platforms to which I wanted to stream.

In Plus 1 Successs we talk about conintuous daily improvement. It is a 30 day training and on the second day we are instructed to make a mistake. I think I have mastered day 2. 😂😂😂


I spent some time on Splinterlands yesterday and participated in a few battles. I was trying to complete my daily quest. I did 3 battles and got my butt kicked. LOL
I wasn't going to play the game. I was just coming into it for the passive income stream possibilities.
The more I hear people (@jongolson, @elianaicgomes, @achim03, @robwillmann, etc.) in the CTP tribe talking about it the more curious I am becoming to learn how to play and take advantage of that income potential as well.

screencapturesplinterlands 3battles2021101214_17_47.jpg

I bought my 1st card last month with the help of @jongolson. He spent about an hour on a Telegram call explaining how to do it and things to look for.

My husband backed me with some funds to get started investing. Anyway the first card I bought at 130.00 increased in value over the last month and it is consistently rented to other players for them to play the game. My next step is to do more research and invest in more cards to add to my collection.


This month I am resuming the #My1440Mug prize wheel spin. That will take place on Saturday the 16th.
My Dad is having his 2nd eye surgery on Friday the 15th so the day is pretty occupied with that and we are surprising him with an upgrade for his TV viewing. The new large screen TV is supposed to arrive while he is in Milwaukee having his surgery. My youngest sister is taking him there because they only allow one person to be with the patient because of the COVID 19 protocols.

If you'd like to get your name in for a chance to win the #My1440Mug this month all you need to do is subscribe to my list at :https://www.trker.com/go/136009 before midnight PST on Friday October 15th. Your name will remain on the wheel until you've won.
I will post this on the @my1440 account which is also where I will be doing the livestream for the prize wheel spin.

I hope my next multi stream is more successful than this one today. It should be.
Have a great evening


Congrats in trying to do that. I still find it a bit daunting to streem on several platforms at once :-)


Thanks, Achim! If my 90 year old Dad can learn how to dictate his family history into a Google doc using his Google Chromebook I can certainly get this whole multi streaming thing figured out. LOL😀
Enjoy your day!

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