Quote of The Day


For those who believe in circle of life, where things happen in cycle this quote is very relatable.

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

The men of the 1920s - 1940s were considered the quite bunch that work their hearts of to protecting what was then a destructive world. With two world wars and countless challenges in between it certainly was a challenging time to have lived. Moving on the generation after call the Boomers generation built off what their fathers had created.

The focus was on amassing wealth while helping others and boomers did a great job of that. With global net worth of boomers now in the mist of $70 trillion it is one hell of an achievement. Then there are those who will inherit what the boomers created. Those who are born 1970s - 1990s will have what the opportunity to write the course of how the world will become in the years ahead. Good times had come and now can it last? Or will it be history that writes this generation as the a weak group that in turn created the hard times ahead?