Ask Leo: Doing the most with the dip


What do you still think of the dip or should I just say how well as the dip being treating you recently ? , right now I know this is just one of the things that so many individuals don't want to talk about right now, but on the other way round, it is inevitable just like death, their will always be a moment of high and low in the community and honestly here comes that moment too in the Crypto world. It is advisable that we enlightened everyone aspiring to be an investor, most especially those set of individuals thinking all that is in Cryptocurrency is making big money and having lot of investment , as true as that might be, it is also good you to make them know that their are high and low too in it.

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This is one initiative that you can be going to bed smiling and laughing seeing how well the market is booming to your taste and only to wake up and see that all is full of red later in the day(the bear as come) , am always of the opinion that Cryptocurrency is actually not for babies and it is not all about making money as so many individuals do think out there.

honestly my Crypto experience as not be juicy at all, since joining, even though have made some money out of it via my local wallet, but on the other way round, lot of things has happened that as indeed gives me the level of understanding I needed about it, crypto is just an investment that comes with a 50/50 risk when it comes to wining and losing, as true as this might be also, it is also the best means of accumulating wealth, most especially when all channels are well used.

I remember losing almost $1000 to the dip at a point in time, honestly it wasn't a good experience, cause having to buy the dip just because was it a bearish season too is not always right at times, especially when you aren't getting the best advice as at that time, hive was doing very bad at that time,but sudden rise overnight tempted me to buy with the hope that it will keep on rising or hoping that it was a bull run moment, that was one of the trick of this initiative and in less than 48 hours my $1000 dollar was decreasing till I see it at $300 , what a loss of $700 as at that time, this indeed teaches me more and all I need to know about the bear market.

Recently too it as been a very massive bear too, irrespective of how trickery some level of bull run that is surfacing at times, to me I still see it as another method of bringing us into the bear market too.

So what have you been doing with the bear recently.

With all my experience when it comes to the bear , have gotten to know that their is more to it and that is why it is better to do the most during this period, come to think of it, it is definitely not a period when you will count profit at all and on most occasion if care if not taken you might end up counting your loss always, that is why is idea to be doing the most during this bear market.

Have a bear market strategy

what you think about the bear at at times are not important at all as that on most occasions don't have any influence on it, doing the most with it is important and that is definitely the best way to grow too, having a solid bear strategy will definitely help during the bear as getting more assets during this period is definitely the best way to go.

Come to think of the level of loss that comes in during the bear and not making the most out of it will definitely end on a bad note too, the best time to acquire more assets , especially for new Investor's is during the bear market too, cause you get to buy more than during the bullish period.

Note this, bear market can't be predicted, even despite thousands of predictions as regards when it going to end, but for now base on stats the current bear market as lasted more than what was forecasted by expert, this as shown that instead of panicking or counting your loss during the period, it is advisable that you make use of it by going as far as getting more assyet to your wallet.

Be assured that buying the dip too doesn't mean it won't still go dip, but it is better than buying the bull and end up getting into dip later on. so instead of giving room for fear to make you sell up that which you have in your wallet, set up a plan or strategy that will keep on bringing in more funds during the bear.

The bear can last for a while, but I honestly believed that with time it will definitely comes to an end too, make sure that whatever strategy you are bringing in during the bear should at least be a risk free so that you don't end up losing more fund later.

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