Ask Leo: Engagement the only way to build stable and steady relationship in Leofinance


Their are so many things that are highly important in the community and honestly for some reasons so many individuals priorities one than the other, although I do understand their stand at times most especially for some set of individuals who think having a stable source of income here alone is the way out , as true as that might be, I still believed that their are other things that makes your presence noticed in the Leofinance community.

Let take a look at how important engagement is on Leofinance community

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Everyone want to be noticed and most especially get the needed recognition just like some great whales like @onealfa and the likes, but on the other way round the level of sacrifice put in place by this set of individuals are highly big beyond measure, on most occasions I see @taskmaster4450le as a phenomenal base on the numbers of contents dropped by him in a single day and even finding him on the engagement log on daily basis is something I still look up to beat.

I hope I can beat that anyway 😂😂

Being on Leofinance community is not all about staking as so many people think or dropping contents that are valuable, I sincerely see engagement as one of the most important factor to build a stable relationship here on Leofinance community, thanks to the Leofinance team for coming up with lot of initiative to actually make us know how important and valuable engagement is in the community, initiative like #leothreads and others have sincerely show that building a very good relationship with different individual in the community will definitely help you to go a long way too.

Engagement is the best remedy to growth system in the community

It is high time we all have this understanding that dropping valuable contents without engaging on other's content won't take you anyway in the community, the only thing that announced you the more to other's in the community is your level of engagement , forget about how huge your staking ability might be , without solid engagement you might go unnoticed and with no follower's too.

My best advice for you is to improve your engagement process by joining the #Leothreads today and see how engagement as been made to look better than ever before. I will always stand with my opinion that so many individuals have neglected the importance of engagement and all they care about is getting upvote on their contents even when no one knows them, come to think of it how many comments do you dropped in a day, this are things that you need to looked into now and help fast track your growth in the community, but with #leothreads everything as been made easy and trust me you can now engage more and more than ever before.

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Some many individuals don't take this serious , especially those who mindset is all about investing on Leofinance and honestly engagement is key here and that is why the quickest solution to that right now is the #threads, to me that is the only place you could have a better taste of engagement right now, thanks to @leofinance for creating a perfect avenue to make sure that everyone in the community find things more easier than ever before.

Quality engagement turns out to build quality relationship for you in the community and this is one thing that can earn you lot of upvote too in the community, your relationship with people here will definitely helps your growth as that will always make them to upvote your work to support your growth always in the community.

Engagement is very important and their are so many other benefits in it too aside all have talked about, engagement also gives you the avenue to get corrected for mistakes and the likes , the best means to learn new things in the community is via engagement, cause you asked question on what you don't know and with that your knowledge as regard a certain projects increases in that process

I must be honest by saying this, if you don't take engagement seriously in the community, your so called quality contents will go unnoticed on most occasion, that is why it is very important that you build and spread your network well in the community in order to earn yourself the level of growth you desire.

So put this at the back of your mind that , everything that enhance productivity and growth in Leofinance community are very important, but engagement is definitely importanter than all.

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