No Greed, No Fear

It's all about balance.

With BTC struggling to stay above the $40k mark, there's a lot of fear in the air at the moment. Crypto Twitter and basically most crypto-oriented forums (if not all of them) are full of uncertainty and doubt, with people panicking and complaining about the current state of the market. Those McDonald's memes are everywhere.

I believe it all has to do with the fact that there's too much new blood in the space. The crypto space has been expanding and attracting attention at a high pace as of late, and most crypto investors nowadays are actually new to this business. Oh, and they were all promised lambos. Soon.

See, there are so many crypto-millionaires out there, but we tend to focus on the gains and completely ignore the effort and patience behind it all.


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To be fair, even the OGs might panic during the red times; it's human nature. This is why the people who are willing to buy BTC at $65k are hesitant to enter at $40k. One needs to be cold-blooded and not let emotions get in the way of their decision-making process when it comes to holding and trading assets. But it's easier said than done.

And it's easier done when there's balance. In this business, you need to only invest a tiny fraction of your net worth in order to be able to sleep in peace at night. There's no such thing as quick riches. Sure, you may hit the lottery, but the odds are not in your favour, so it's better to take the safe route of slow and steady growth if gambling is not your thing.

I've been watching the markets since 2017 and have made a thousand mistakes along the way. The thing is I am probably still making mistakes that I'm just not in a position to spot and will probably realize in the future. However, I've learned my lessons from the wrong decisions of the past, so greed is no longer part of the equation. Stablecoin/fiat layers and safety nets are underrated and provide peace of mind.

Overexposure is a bad thing and makes it hard to chill during the red times, and being able to hold through the storm is essential in such a volatile space. It's easy to panic when there's too much at stake, and hard to focus and make the right decisions when in hot water. Low expectations and investment portfolio diversification are key factors.

I was completely inexperienced during the run of 2017 and still managed to bag some profits despite the FOMO calls and unrealistic expectations. This time around I am planning to measure my profits in crypto tokens instead, so the real fun for me will begin once the actual bear returns. The waves will always be there, so I will gladly ride them instead of praying they cease to exist.

Working for more fiat while farming as much crypto as possible is on my to-do list for the upcoming dips, and I will happily admit I was wrong if we get another bull run instead. No problem at all. The truth is I do have a feeling we are in for a long crypto winter before the next run though - I'll be honest with you.

That's just my personal opinion, so do not take my word for it in any case. I'm still bullish long-term and in it for the long haul, so I will be happy with whatever. I plan to keep stacking digital pennies, consuming crypto-oriented content, earning yield, increasing my positions in my favourite projects and spreading the word about the space regardless.

I will also be throwing in more funds at certain levels based on TA and waiting patiently for the world to realize that the crypto industry is here to revolutionize the way we communicate value to each other and perform transactions on a global scale. With all the progress being made and all the finance giants entering the fray it feels like the next market explosion will be of epic proportions. However, only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full.

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


Have a good one everyone!

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