#CineTV Daily Challenge: What's the scariest film you've ever seen?



I don't like scary movies.

Have you ever seen 'The Woman in Black' starring Daniel Radcliffe? He was trying to break out of the Harry Potter mould in this re-make of an earlier horror film, based on a book by Susan Hill.
(Let me tell you, the book is gorier than the film, but at least it doesn't get your heart racing).

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The premise is, if you see the woman in black (In black, with her Victorian mourning clothing), then a child in the village would die.

Throughout the film, set in an isolated mansion with sprawling grounds (I know, every trope, right?) there are about 20 jump scare moments. Bam! Jump. Bam! Jump. Bam! Jump - the director puts you so on edge and you spend the entire film waiting for the next one, and he keeps throwing them at you relentlessly.

In one particular scene, a rocking chair is rocking by itself, back and forth, faster and faster, and then, for just a moment, we're shown her face in the chair and the music thumps. Honestly, I lost a few seconds of my life expectancy there!

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